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📄 Currently Recruiting - Gold Coast - Friendly Visitor (Gold Coast, Arundel)

This volunteer opportunity will help to improve social connections and build friendships for older people who may be socially isolated, feeling lonely or disconnected and would benefit from a regular chat or visit during the week.

Trusted for generations. Iconic in Queensland, officially trusted by Australia We’re an award-winning care provider, recognised as Australia’s Most Trusted Brand in Queensland for home care and residential care services. It’s a testament to both the quality of our work and the relationships we’ve built since 1953.

People from all social and cultural backgrounds are welcome to apply as culture and heritage are an important part of matching volunteers to our residents.


Volunteers will provide regular uplifting conversations and engage residents in like-minded activities, interests and hobbies.   For example reading, memory and board games, listening to music, enjoying the sunshine or sharing a story over a cuppa.



29 Melbourne Road, Arundel, Qld 4214 

Woodlands Lodge Aged Care Facility is centrally located in the heart of Arundel, close to Harbour Town and Australia Fair shopping centres and other local community clubs.   It delivers quality care in a supportive, friendly environment to meet the needs of both high and low-care residents.  Woodlands Lodge has a variety of indoor and outdoor areas for residents to entertain their visitors or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings and landscaped gardens.



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Tasks involved include:

▪ Share regular uplifting conversations with residents by visiting or phone calls

▪ Interact by engaging in meaningful like-minded fun and meaningful activities

▪ Build and maintain friendships with those who may be feeling isolated, lonely or disconnected

▪ Support the development of social connections both with other residents or within the local community


This is a great opportunity to:

▪ Do something new and different

▪ Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference

▪ Enjoy social interaction with others 



▪ Monday to Sunday during visiting hours.   

▪ Times are flexible depending on the volunteers' availability and the health and well-being of the resident 


Time Commitment: Minimum time commitment of 1-2 hours Weekly 



▪ No formal qualifications or previous experience is required

▪ Applicants should be able to engage with people who are frail aged and elderly in a respectful, friendly and positive manner

▪ To be able to build a natural friendship and develop a trusted relationship with residents

▪ Volunteers should be able to give a minimum of 3-6 months for 1 to 2 hours per week▪ Flu Vaccination
▪ Disability Worker Screening check, please note that screening clearances are mandatory to volunteers prior to commencement.   

▪ All checks are organised by Blue Care and are provided at no cost to the volunteer.

This role is accessible for people using:

▪ A wheelchair or mobility device
▪ Accessible toilets


UnitingCare values diversity in our organisation and we have some principles in place that will help to promote both inclusion and access.  If you have any other accessibility requirements, please discuss these at the time of the interview.


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