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UnitingCare Prison Ministry is a ministry of the Uniting Church in Queensland Synod. Our service places Chaplains into Queensland's 14 correctional Centres from Palen Creek in the South to Lotus Glen in the far north. UnitingCare Prison Ministry also provides chaplaincy services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners through our First Peoples Chaplaincy Team.
Our volunteer Chaplains enter the correctional centres on a weekly basis, providing pastoral care to all prisoners irrespective of their condition, religious background, faith belief, social position, strengths, weaknesses, ethnicity or crimes. They are respectful of a prisoner's theological views or absence thereof and do not seek to proselytise others.
A volunteer Chaplain should have some training and/or experience in pastoral ministries, however, anyone with the appropriate qualities; a passion to serve God, a willingness to learn and a desire to see people’s lives change will be considered. Volunteer Chaplains must undergo relevant security clearances arranged by Queensland Corrective Services before training can begin.   

On the Inside
UC Prison Ministry offers volunteer programs in several centres: 

  • Change the Design of Your Life is an Art program that assists prisoners to make positive life choices whilst teaching them basic art skills.
  • An Anti-domestic Violence Course that engages prisoners on DV charges to take control of their actions and understand their feelings. 
  • Messy Church is for mothers who are incarcerated to have an opportunity to engage with their babies and toddlers in a positive environment. 

On the Outside
UnitingCare Prison Ministry supports families with loved ones in prison and former inmates following their release, to navigate this traumatic and stressful season of life. Our service assists our clients by providing emergency food relief, an empathetic listening ear and referral to counselling and other services including those delivered by UnitingCare. 
For prisoners, being released back into the community is a critical time and we are piloting a Bicycle Recycling program in Townsville to redirect the energy of those at risk of offending or reoffending, towards a new skill in a safe environment.   

If you have skills in any of these areas and would like to become a Chaplain or Resource Volunteer please sign up for this Waiting List.