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📄 Currently Recruiting - Dementia/Delirium In-Patients Compassionate Companion (Brisbane, Auchenflower)

Lady comforting another lady resting in a hospital bed

📃 This volunteer opportunity will help to provide social engagement for in-patients living with dementia or experiencing delirium. 

The Wesley Hospital’s Compassionate Companion Dementia/Delirium In-patient (CC-DDIP) program is focused on offering patients social engagement in addition to the high-quality care patients receive. While routines in hospital are focused on providing the high-quality clinical care, the fast-paced clinical environments can at times be disruptive to a person’s general wellbeing, especially when it is difficult for family and friends to visit. We know that social engagement has many benefits for patients and is demonstrated to support recovery and reduce the length of stay in hospital. 

Supported by Pastoral Care Services and the multi-disciplinary care team, the CC-DDIP patient service connects volunteers with patients for social engagement.  Volunteers are trained and supported to specifically engage with patients living with dementia and delirium in ward environments. Vulnerability for these in-patients' centres around cognitive impairment.  The program is designed to be tailored to patient’s needs with our highly engaged volunteer team members and clinicians working together for the provision of excellent patient care. 

📍Location: The Wesley Hospital - 451 Coronation Drive, Auchenflower, Qld, 4066  

👉🏼 About Us: Volunteers will have direct contact with patients in hospital wards under the supervision of nursing staff. 

We are currently taking expressions of interest and we will advise you when our next intake of applicants will begin.  In the meantime, we will remain in contact via email with updates and our Compassionate Companion Newsletters.

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✅ What you’ll be doing:  

▪️ Various social engagement activities suitable to individual patients 

▪️ Converse with patients 

▪️ Accompany walks to hospital gardens  

🎁 What’s in it for you?  

▪️ Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference  

▪️ Gain invaluable workplace experience  

▪️ Enjoy social interaction with others  

🕑 Times: Between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm  

📅 Days: Weekdays  

💍 Commitment: Get started from as little as 3-4 hours fortnightly   

️ Skills and experience important for this role include:  

▪️ Comfortable meeting new people

▪️ Compassion, self-confidence, flexibility and initiative

☑️ We’ll need to do the following checks before you start:  

▪️ Reference Checks  

♿ Accessibility & Diversity 

UnitingCare values diversity in our organisation and we have some principles in place that will help to promote both inclusion and access.  If you have any other accessibility requirements, please discuss these at the time of the interview. 


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🙋🏼‍♀️ Volunteers Needed. Apply Now.

Choose your preference to complete an application form 👉🏼

🖥️ Computer Form

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