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📄 CURRENTLY RECRUITING - Vulnerable In-patient Compassionate Companion (Brisbane, Auchenflower)

A volunteer laughing as she talks with a patient sitting up in bed.

This volunteer opportunity will help to offer patients social engagement in addition to the high-quality care patients receive while at the hospital.

While routines in hospitals are focused on providing high-quality clinical care, the fast-paced clinical environments can at times be disruptive to a person’s general well-being, especially when it is difficult for family and friends to visit. We know that social engagement has many benefits for patients and is demonstrated to support recovery and reduce the length of stay in the hospital.

Vulnerability for In-patients may be caused by a long duration of hospital stay, being a significant distance from home, lack of support networks and impaired mobility. 

The engagement activities vary, from conversation and coffee in the courtyard to bringing patients together for meals, jigsaw puzzles, short walks or any other suitable forms of social engagement or activity. 

The program is designed to be tailored to patients’ needs with the availability of our highly engaged volunteer team members and clinicians working together.'


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The Wesley Hospital - 451 Coronation Drive, Qld, 4065 

Supported by Pastoral Care Services and the Multi-disciplinary care team, the VIP patient service connects volunteers with patients for social engagement.  Volunteers are supported to engage with patients in ward environments inclusive of patients who may have a cognitive impairment.


Tasks involved include:

▪️ Conversations

▪️ Coffee and Tea

▪️ Short walks

▪️ Jigsaw puzzles

▪️ Any other suitable form of social engagement activity


This is a great opportunity to:

▪ Enjoy social interaction with others

▪ Do something new and different

▪ Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference 


Times: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm weekdays


Time Commitment: Minimum time commitment of 3-4 hours monthly 



▪ Friendly, caring and compassionate nature

▪ A positive approach to life, with emotional maturity

▪️ Reference Checks


This role is accessible for people using:

▪ a wheelchair or mobility device

▪ accessible toilets


UnitingCare values diversity in our organisation and we have some principles in place that will help to promote both inclusion and access.  If you have any other accessibility requirements, please discuss these at the time of the interview.


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