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📄 Currently Recruiting - Gold Coast - Visitor for ‘Mario’ (Gold Coast, Labrador)

This volunteer opportunity will help to visit and befriend an older person  living at one of BlueCare's  many Residential Aged Care Facilities who may be at risk of social isolation.

BlueCare visitors set aside time, at least once per fortnight, to visit a resident who may not have regular contact with their friends or relatives and could therefore be feeling socially isolated and lonely.   Residents and volunteers are matched together based on common interests, hobbies, life and work experiences, culture and language. Volunteers over 18yrs, from all walks of life and with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

BlueCare Volunteers receive training,  guidance  and ongoing support to give them confidence in their ability to perform their role.

About ‘Mario’ - We are seeking a volunteer to visit with Mario, 96 yrs.  Mario's first language is Italian.   He would really appreciate being visited by another gentleman  who can chat to him in his first language. Although he is retired his trade was  a motor mechanic and he has a keen interest in cars.

Location: 83 Muir Street, Labrador Qld 4215
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Tasks involved include:

▪️ sit and chat with a resident

▪️ work together on hobbies or common interests - gardening, craft, puzzles etc

▪️ read together or listen to music together

▪️ go for a walk, enjoy a cuppa in the café on the ground floor

▪️ be a good and reliable friend


This is a great opportunity to enjoy social interaction with others 



▪️ Genuine empathy, good communication and listening skills, ability to commit to a friendship based on trust and reliability, understanding of professional and personal boundaries, flexibility

▪️ Reference Checks

▪ NDIS Worker Screening check

▪ National Police check


Time Commitment: Get started from as little as 1-2 hours fortnightly 


UnitingCare values diversity in our organisation and we have some principles in place that will help to promote both inclusion and access.  If you have any other accessibility requirements, please discuss these at the time of the interview.


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