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📄 Currently Recruiting - Brisbane, Ipswich and Caboolture - 👚 Retail Shop Assistant (Ipswich, Fernvale)

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📃 This volunteer opportunity will help to provide valuable support to our teams who are responsible for operating and managing the Lifeline Shops, which play a crucial role in raising funds for our organisation’s mission and helping to improve the lives of those in need within our community. 


As a volunteer in this role, you will have the opportunity to directly serve and interact with members of the general public who visit the Lifeline Shops, by assisting with various tasks such as stocking and organizing inventory, maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the shop, providing customer service and answering any questions or inquiries they may have. This role is particularly well-suited for individuals who enjoy communication and interacting with others, are eager to learn new skills and techniques, and can effectively collaborate and work well both within a team setting and independently. By taking on this volunteer opportunity, you will be making a meaningful contribution towards supporting the mission of our organisation and helping to positively impact the lives of those we serve. 


📍Location: Lifeline - Retail | Fernvale, Shop 4, Fernvale Plaza - 1464 Brisbane Valley Hwy, Fernvale 4306 


✅ What you’ll be doing: 






 Displaying homewares and clothing, 


 Greeting and assisting customers 


 Cleaning and organising the store, 


 Creating seasonal displays, 


 Other duties assigned by the shop supervisor. 


🎁 What’s in it for you? 


 Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference 


 Gain invaluable workplace experience 


 To meet mutual obligations, student placement hours or other requirements 


🕑 Times: Anytime weekdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm or Sunday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm    

💍 Commitment: Get started from as little as 3-4 hours Weekly 

📅 Days: 






☑️ Skills and experience important for this role include: 

       ▪️ Good communication skills 


▪ Customer service or retail experience advantageous but not essential 


☑️ We’ll need to do the following checks before you start: 



🚙 Transport and Parking Options 


Onsite parking and/or free public parking is available 



Public transport close to the site is available


♿ This role is accessible for people using: 


 A wheelchair or mobility device 


UnitingCare values diversity in our organisation and we have some principles in place that will help to promote both inclusion and accessIf you have any other accessibility requirements, please discuss these at the time of the interview 


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