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BOOKFEST BRISBANE - TIDY CREW - Trolley Coordinator Assistant $2.50 Section

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Trolley Coordinator Assistant



Venue Name:

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Merivale Street, South Bank

Reporting Location:

Volunteer Check-in, Exhibition Hall 4

Reporting To:

Volunteer Supervisor

Role Location:

Concourse outside Halls 3 & 4

Role Summary:

To greet customers as they arrive or queue outside entrances to Halls 3 & 4 and to coordinate the provision of shopping trolleys and assist with collection of trolleys from trolley bays in car parks.

Specific Tasks:

  1. Provide a cheery welcome to customers
  2. Assist customers requiring trolleys
  3. Assist to keep trolley areas tidy
  4. Assist with collection of trolleys from trolley bays in carparks
  5. You may be asked to assist with maintaining crowd queues at entrances
  6. If required, direct customers to where they can receive assistance with Lost and Found items, First Aid, Donation Crates, Bathrooms etc.

Desired Requirements:

It is preferable that volunteers in this role have had some level of customer service experience and love to meet people. During busy shifts, the ability to efficiently serve a large volume of customers is required for this role.  The willingness to change roles if required is essential.

Personal Attributes:

  • Ability to wear a SMILE under pressure
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Be willing to assist with other roles if required 

Skills Acquired / Role Benefit

  • Will meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Acquire a sound knowledge of the Lifeline Bookfest



Breaks are provided for the morning and afternoon shifts and a light lunch will be provided for volunteers rostered for the whole day.

Refrigerators available for the storage of your lunch and snacks.



It can be hot in summer months, wear cool comfortable clothing and shoes.  Bring a water bottle, water for refill is available in Volunteer sign-in area.


It is a requirement for all volunteers and staff working at this event to wear enclosed shoes.


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