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🔔 Waiting List - Blue Care - Aged Care Concierge (Queensland)

This volunteer opportunity will help to connect families and friends safely with their loved ones. The prevention of the transmission of COVID-19 into our residential care facilities is of paramount importance.

This role is crucial to the social and physical well-being of our senior residents in care by helping families and friends connect with loved ones during visiting hours and maintain a high standard of preventative measures.

We welcome volunteers who are confident, empathetic and patient in interacting with a diverse range of people and those looking to make a meaningful difference by keeping our senior community safe and connected.

Tasks involved include:
- Interacting with visitors
- Asking entry criteria questions
- Checking temperatures
- Promoting good hand hygiene
- Sighting flu vaccination certificates
- Maintaining the visitor register

This is a great opportunity to:
- Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference
- Enjoy social interaction with others
- Develop strong customer service skills 

- Volunteers must have a valid Flu vaccination (certificate/ letter)
- Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills
- Any customer service experience would be advantageous

Please note that it will take 2-4 weeks for checks to be completed before undertaking induction, orientation to commence in this role.