Animal Welfare - Foster - Orphaned Kittens

A foster person or family is an important part of our community animal welfare plan. Often kittens show up in our care with little to no notice and we need to be able to contact already approved foster caregivers. 

You can expect to work together with the branch staff as part of the volunteer team that helps improve the health and future outcomes for kittens who come in to the shelter. We provide all supplies, instruction, and follow-up visits to check health, provide parasite control, and issue vaccinations.

Foster agreements vary in length however most kittens are about 4-weeks old when we get them and we would want you to keep the kittens in your care up to 10-12 weeks old. This allows the kittens to gain the weight and development needed before they are spayed or neutered and made available for adoption.

A home check by our branch staff will be scheduled at a mutually good time. The purpose is only to ensure the plan-for-care meets an adequate standard and that you have all the tools and support needed for a successful foster experience for everyone. 

Qualifications Required

  • Interview Must be Completed