Fostering - Foster Care Program

Foster Care Program

Volunteers with the BC SPCA Foster Care Program are the guardian angels of thousands of injured and abandoned animals received at the branches every year. The BC SPCA Foster Program benefits animals who have a good chance of adoption, but who are either too young, sick, injured, under socialized or emotionally stressed to survive in the shelter environment. Instead, animals are cared for and rehabilitated in a nurturing foster home. Healthy adult animals are also placed in foster care when space is limited in our shelters.


•Ability to provide a suitable environment for the animal in foster care. Home check(s) required.

•Ability to work independently.

•Dependable and committed.

•Previous experience caring for injured/ill animals preferred.


• Provide a safe environment for the animal in foster care ensuring the animal’s 5 freedoms can be met at all times.

•Spend quality time with the foster animal every day.

•Bring the animal to the shelter and/or to a veterinarian as needed.

•Ensure any other animals in the home have received up-to-date vaccinations and can interact safely with the foster animal and/or be isolated from the foster animal as needed.

•Submit weekly care reports to Branch Manager/Foster Coordinator 

Qualifications Required

  • Age range Must be at least 19 years of age or older
  • Information Session (or Volunteer Orientation) Must be at least Completed
  • Interview Must be Completed