Committees - Community Council Member

Community Councils, as elected members of their communities, form part of the governance structure of the BC SPCA.  Community Councillors build community support and interest in animal welfare through fundraising, advocacy, volunteer development, and education, thereby providing timely information that highlights Branch needs and initiatives as well as the overall goals and objectives of the Society.

The Community Council is an important part of the governance structure of the BC SPCA, helping to ensure the well-being of each branch and the entire organization in charting its future direction.

Role of the Council

To participate in the governance system of the Society and to provide functional support to their branch and, in particular, the branch manager.

Governance Role:

The governance responsibilities of the Community Council are to:

• elect members of the Board of Directors

• represent the branch at the annual general meeting of the Society

• hold an annual general meeting of the members assigned to each branch

• consider amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws of the Society

• promote membership in the Society and monitor the register of Society members assigned to the branch

• provide input into the annual branch budget at the time of its development

• provide input into the development of Society policy and direction


Branch Support Role:

• fundraising (supporting the branch’s annual plan)

• humane education

• advocacy

• volunteer development

• input on facility planning and the delivery of services at the branch

Qualifications Required

  • Age range Must be at least 16-18 years of age