Safety Codes Council - APEGA Representative - Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council (2025)




Zipping down a ski slope on a sheet of fresh snow is only half the trip to the bottom. Travelling safely up on a chairlift to reach the top again is the other half of the experience. This is just one of the areas that the Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council looks after. The Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council are responsible for meeting on a regular basis to discuss how to make ropeway transportation safer. This group works with Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Ride Safety Association (AEDARSA) to develop and provide relevant information to the passenger ropeways industry.

APEGA is seeking an experienced professional member to serve as an APEGA representative on the Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council of the Safety Codes Council.


Time Commitment 

3-year term. 3-4 virtual meetings of the SCC Working Group annually, approximately 2-hours in length. As well as 4 Passenger Ropeways Sub-Council meetings annually.



  • Earn CPD Credits for time donated
  • Help shape industry and codes in Alberta
  • Expand your professional network
  • Volunteering is your ticket to exclusive APEGA event invites, recognition gifts and long-service awards.


Duties & Expectations

Skills and Qualifications

  • Serve as a conduit of information between the SCC and APEGA
  • Seek APEGA’s opinion on issues related to legislation that may impact the EGP Act and Regulations or APEGAs Standards, Guidelines, or policies in a timely manner and present APEGA’s position on those issues back to the SCC’s Gas Sub-Council
  • Represent at a high standard, APEGA, and its members, acting in the public interest
  • Ensure that SCC Plumbing Sub-Council fully understands the provisions of the EGP Act regarding the engineering and geoscience professions
  • Licensed with APEGA as a P. Eng.
  • Minimum of 7 years’ practice experience, with following competencies
    • Strong knowledge of passenger ropeway or passenger conveyor technology
    • Expertise in electrical, mechanical or civil/structural engineering related to passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors 


Qualifications Required

  • Professional designation Must be at least P.Eng.
  • Years of experience as a licensed professional Must be at least 6-9 Years

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Wednesday, January 01, 2025 and Wednesday, December 31, 2025