Volunteer with APEGA

Special Projects - APEGA GeoTour - Volunteer Lead

Are you a natural born explorer? Join APEGA’s branches, members, and the public in a GeoTour that creates awareness of APEGA and the diverse landscapes of the province.

A GeoTour is series of Geocaches with a specific theme that are designed to bring geocachers to a specific location and give them a "tour" of the area's unique features and geography. Geocaches that meet approved official guidelines for location by geocaching.com are published and consist of waterproof containers that house a logbook, pencil, and tradeable swag item. Geocaching is a sport conducted by people of all ages across the world.


  • Submit ideas for Geocache locations
  • Prepare coordinates for the selected Geocache locations for the GeoTour. Instructions and guidelines will be provided.
  • Setup Geocache containers, logbooks, pencils and takeaway items. Supplies will be provided.
  • Maintain the Geocache location for one year, including periodically checking locations to ensure they are stocked and operational.

Schedule Summary:

Given sufficient volunteer participation is obtained across the branch regions, the proposed APEGA GeoTour will run for a one year period. The target launch date is late spring, 2021.

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Tuesday, September 01, 2020 and Wednesday, September 01, 2021