Volunteer with APEGA

Investigations Committee - Investigative Committee Member

The APEGA Investigative Committee is a statutory committee established under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. Its mandate is to investigate complaints against APEGA Members and Permit Holders received by the Registrar's designate in accordance with the requirements of the Act. 


All Investigative Committee volunteer members are expected to: 

  • Attend committee meetings regularly
  • Prepare for interviews of complainants and members under investigation
  • Prepare reports in a format suitable to the Investigative Committee
  • Thoroughly review agenda materials prior to committee meetings
  • Serve on the APEGA/ASET Joint Investigative Committee, as required

Skills and Qualifications 

  • Licensed as a P.Eng. or P.L. with APEGA 
  • 10+ years as Professional Member with APEGA or other Canadian association 
  • Experience in building envelope engineering, wood frame construction and/or electrical engineering.


Qualifications Required

  • Do you have experience in Wood Frame Construction? Must be Yes
  • How many years of experience do you have as a Professional Member? Must be at least 6-10 Years
  • What is your professional designation? Must be at least P.Geol.