RSPCA Victoria

Bendigo - Application: Op Shop Assistant Team Leader

Role Purpose

RSPCA Victoria Op Shops are entirely volunteer operated, providing much needed funds to support RSPCA Victoria achieve our vision of “ending cruelty to all animals”.  The Op Shop Network also plays a visible role in the wider community as the “face” of RSPCA Victoria.

The Role of Op Shop Assistant Team Leader exists to ensure successful Op Shop operations at a local level in line with RSPCA Victoria policies, processes and values.

This role requires excellent people skills to lead and guide a team of volunteers, the ability to work independently and meet RSPCA Victoria expectations around reporting.  The Op Shop Assistant Team Leader is responsible for supporting the Op Shop Team Leader and also has responsibility for the day to day operations of the Op Shop.  You will be supported by the Op Shop Team Leader, the Op Shop Support Team and the wider resources of RSPCA Victoria.


Key Responsibilities

The Volunteer Op Shop Assistant Team Leader’s duties may include:

  • Working collaboratively with the Op Shop Team Leader, to play a leadership role within the Op Shop; to a positive culture in the Op Shop, including motivating, training and supporting the volunteers and working with the Op Shop Support Team to identify and raise issues appropriately including customer service complaints and issues if they arise.
  • Ensuring the Op Shop operates in accordance with the Op Shop Operational Manual and RSPCA Victoria policies and procedures, including Financial and Wellbeing Health & Safety.
  • Ensuring financial paperwork (daily takings and banking) are completed accurately at the end of the day and by two people and mailed /processed accordingly as required.
  • Working with the Op Shop Support Team regarding continuous improvement, campaigns and implementing new policies and procedures.
  • Submitting reports to the Op Shop Network Coordinator, as required.
  • Ensuring the various tasks and roles in the Op Shop are filled by volunteers on the day in order to ensure the Op Shop is trading effectively (e.g. ensuring the counter is manned at all times, that volunteers work their rostered hours and take appropriate breaks, etc)
  • Other duties as agreed.



To be successful in this role, the volunteer will possess the following necessary skills and attributes:


  • Ability to lead and develop a team of motivated volunteers (experience in people management)
  • Excellent customer service and sales skills (as evidenced by experience, qualifications or training in areas such as retail/service management or business/management)
  • Ability to work independently at a local level, while being part of the broader team within the Op Shop Network
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills
  • Basic banking and mathematical skills with strong attention to detail
  • A great sense of humour!


  • Experience in Workplace Health and Safety

Other requirements:

  • National Police Check
  • Working With Children Check