Office of the City Clerk

Boise City Hall - Abandoned Vehicle Assistance

The Abandoned Vehicle Volunteer Program enables the Office of the City Clerk to respond to calls and reports of abandoned or illegally parked vehicles in the City of Boise. This service enables our citizens to directly influence their neighborhoods by keeping them safe and clear of debris in the public right of way. This program would not be possible without the dedicated team of volunteers who are committed to making Boise the Most Livable City in the Country through their service.

Abandoned Vehicle Volunteers respond to citizen complaints regarding abandoned vehicles, boats and trailers parked on city streets. They use a city vehicle, cell phone, and GPS to find and tag reported vehicles, and/or follow up to confirm if a previously tagged car has been moved. 

The position requires driving and making frequent stops to mark vehicles for impound. A good knowledge of Boise City streets is helpful. Individuals should have good communication skills and the ability to defuse angry people.

Since two volunteers are assigned to work together this position, and teams of two are welcome to apply together. If applying solo, a partner will be assigned. 

Interested? Please fill out an application and you will be contacted for a 30 minute interview. A post-interview criminal history check and reference checks may be required prior to starting. Accepted applicants can expect top work 2-4 shifts per month. 

Qualifications Required

  • Criminal History Background Check Must be Passed
  • Defensive Driving Must be Complete
  • Volunteer Handbook Review Must be Complete
  • Volunteer Orientation Must be at least Complete
  • Volunteer Waiver Must be Complete

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon