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Service Projects - Eagle Award Projects

We are proud to offer Boy Scouts the opportunity to earn their Eagle Award with the City of Boise.  We have a variety of projects for scouts to choose from, or scouts may propose a project.

Due to the projects involving some sort of park maintenance, most of them will take place from around the First of April to the end of October. However, depending on what needs we have or what the Scout is proposing the Scout may be able to complete the project during the winter months. 

Regardless, we invite scouts to contact us at any time to discuss Eagle Award opportunities.

Scouts must have obtain the rank of Life Scout, be 15 years of age, and review and sign our Eagle Scout Award Project Policy to acquire a project.

Volunteers must review the City of Boise Volunteer Handbook to participate.

Qualifications Required

  • Eagle Award Policy Must be at least Complete
  • Volunteer Handbook Review Must be Complete
  • Volunteer Waiver Must be Complete
  • Volunteer's Age Must be at least 15

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