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Open Space - Adopt-a-Habitat

Boise Parks and Recreation manages over 90 parks and undeveloped sites as well as 5,000 plus acres of open space reserves. It takes a lot of work to keep these properties, safe, clean, and healthy for both us and our wild neighbors to use, and volunteers play an essential role in helping us do so.

Adopt-a-Habitat is a volunteer environmental stewardship opportunity for families, groups, or businesses interested in preserving wildlife habitat in City of Boise parks and open space reserves. A minimum of four yearly outdoor work days are requested as part of the annual commitment to the adopted habitat. Under the guidance of volunteer coordinators and ecologists, volunteer activities may include:

  • Removing invasive plants.
  • Collecting and propagating the seeds of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to eventually transplant into adopted habitats.
  • Nurturing the reestablishment of select native plants and transplanted seedlings.
  • Trash collection and other maintenance tasks.

Benefits to your group will include: 

  • Direct, hands-on instruction and participation in ecological restoration in a local area.
  • Opportunities to observe and asses how nature responds to habitat management and restoration activities.
  • Developing a connection with the natural community of local plants and animals.

To see available habitats for adoption click here

For more information, review our Adopt-a-Habitat Program Description.

Qualifications Required

  • Volunteer Handbook Review Must be Complete
  • Volunteer Waiver Must be Complete