City of Surrey - Age Friendly

Try It 55+ Sports and Games - Try It 55+ Sports and Games Assistant

Try It 55+ Sports and Games Assistant - Badminton, Bocce Ball, Snooker

Volunteer Position Overview

Volunteers in this position play a significant role in facilitating a positive learning experience to participants who are new to the sport by 

  • sharing their passion and knowledge of the sport 
  • acting as peers to encourage participants in getting hands on experience 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for participants 
  • Co-host the activity with staff in providing a brief overview of the games including rules and general scoring system 
  • Share and demonstrate playing techniques based on their own experience in playing the sport 
  • Encourage participants – cheer for wins and empathize beginners’ frustration by giving peer support 
  • Emphasize the fun and benefits of involving in a physical activity
  • Assist staff with set up and take down of the activity, if applicable 


Location/Working Condition 

City of Surrey recreation facilities - indoors/outdoors

Report and Support

Volunteers in this position report to and are supported by the City of Surrey staff. Orientation/Training will be provided by staff member(s). 

Volunteer Apparel

Volunteers will be required to wear the City of Surrey volunteer apparel and volunteer ID tag 

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Experience

  • Experience in playing the sport  
  • Familiarity with the sport – rules, scoring system 
  • Effective communication skills 
  • Empathic listening 
  • Patience 
  • Ability to maintain a calm demeanor in an active environment with questions from multiple participants 
  • Friendly and helpful attitude 
  • Experience in customer service is an asset