City of Surrey - Partners in Parks

Park Care - Bin Keeper (Year-round)

The Bin keeper program started in 1991 to address the increasing amount of litter in our parks. While the City does provide garbage cans and collection service in high-use parks, it is not possible to put a bin in all neighborhood parks. Bin Keepers help the City of Surrey increase our operational capacity and keep our communities clean.

Description of Responsibilities:

• Identify and report to staff a park in need of a bin.
• Place the garbage bin at the curb, following your bi-weekly residential waste collection schedule. 
• Replace the garbage bag.

Skills and Qualities Required:

• at least 16 years old or with adult supervision.
• Ability to work independently.


• Volunteers are required to find a volunteer replacement while on holidays and should also inform Partners in Parks staff.

Time Commitment:

• Long term (at least one year) commitment; approximately 1 hour every two weeks.

•   Various - bins are installed as needed. 

Additional Information:
Individuals can record volunteer hours under "Hours Log" in their account. Partners in Parks staff will approve logged hours.

Debbie Yeh


Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - All Day
  • Tuesday - All Day
  • Wednesday - All Day
  • Thursday - All Day
  • Friday - All Day
  • Saturday - All Day
  • Sunday - All Day