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Sacramento Film + Media Volunteer

Volunteer Assignment Description

Importance of Position: To more quickly and efficiently move the website project forward so that we are poised for success once the Stay at Home order is lifted.

Skills, qualifications or requirements for assignment: Drone pilot, photographer, social media proficiency, film set experience

Duties and Responsibilities (List specific tasks to be done by the volunteer):

Identify locations for website library, photograph potential film locations, drone images and video of film locations, categorize locations by genre, gather contact information of approved locations

Training Provided: Discussion of what is a film location, identifying locations for film use (i.e. is there a base camp close by, parking, etc), film etiquette, expectations of constituents and filmmakers, editing images for website use

Person supervising volunteer: Jennifer West, Sacramento Film Commissioner

Duration of assignment: 2-3 months

Hours Needed and Proposed Schedule: 5-10 hours/week, flexible schedule

Assignment location: Remote - work from home or car

Benefits of Volunteering: create relationships with local filmmakers, gain understanding of film production.

Grounds for Termination:  Volunteers will not be considered employees of the City of Sacramento. All volunteers serve The City of Sacramento at will, and either the City of Sacramento or the volunteer may terminate the arrangement without notice or consideration.


Jennifer West


Special Consideration: Please acknowledge that you are able to perform the essential functions associated with this volunteer position, either with or without reasonable accommodation. If you need reasonable accommodation, please contact (your agency contact)