Community Consultation

355 Committee - Balcombe Heights Estate Committee member

These committees provide information to Council regarding our grounds and facilities including advising on the issues and concerns of users, suggesting ways to improve their utilisation and providing input into facility planning.

Nominees can be representatives of non-commercial hirers who hold an executive position with their club or organisation, or are members of the community who can demonstrate a significant community involvement.

Nominations for memberships for the term of November 1 2017 to the Council Election in September 2020 are now open.

In accordance with section 355 of the Act, Council delegates to the Committee the power to:

• provide information to Council on the issues and concerns of the tenants.

• provide input, as requested, into facility planning.

The Committee cannot make decisions on behalf of Council and the Committee (or any of its members) cannot direct any Council Officer in his or her duties.

In carrying out its functions, the Committee must at all times recognise that primary responsibility for management of Council facilities, and associated governance and risk management rests with Council and the General Manager.