Park Aide

The duties of this position may include the following:

  • invasive species control
  • bird, butterfly and frog surveys
  • assist with special events
  • trail maintenance and patrol
  • monitor wildlife and stream life
  • assist with interpretation programs
  • other duties as assigned and agreed upon

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Friday, January 01, 2021 and Friday, December 31, 2021

About Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Just minutes from Columbia, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park gives visitors the chance to scramble, hike and bicycle through a scenic environment – and lets them peek into Missouri’s underworld. The park contains some of the most popular hiking trails in the state and also offers solitude while hiking in the Gans Creek Wild Area. Visitors can also see a large cave system with its rock bridge, sinkholes, a spring and underground stream at the Devil's Icebox. You can explore Connor's Cave in the light of the opening for a taste of the underground world.