John Howard Society of North Island - KidStart Mentoring Program

KidStart Mentors for boys and girls

Mentoring a child (aged 6-18) with the KidStart Mentoring Pogram is not only a lot of fun, but a truly meaningful way to spend a few hours each week. The time commitment is 3+ hours a week (which can be done all at once or on 2 or 3 separate visits) for a year or longer.   That being said, taking holidays or time off here and there is normal (life happens).  Visits can happen anywhere in the community that fun things take place.   Baking cookies at your place, playing frisbee golf, going swimming or taking your dog for a walk are all activities that the 26 current mentors enjoy doing with their buddies.  Mentors can be any age, with younger mentors acting  as Aunty's or Uncles and older mentors acting as "Grand-mentors".  

The screening involved is 4 reference checks (professional, personal acquaintance, family member and doctor or other professional), a criminal record check, driver’s abstract, 1 interview and 1 home interview.  The screening is designed around getting to know the new mentor better as to make the best match with a  mentee possible.  We collaboratively decide on the age, gender and situation of a child that you would be best suited for.  Near the end of the process we usually talk about a few kids from the top of the waitlist that we think you would be an ideal fit for, and you get the final say.  Once selected the KidStart Coordinator will contact the family and child to see if they agree that you'd be a good fit.  If everyone agrees, then the Coordinator schedules your first visit... and the fun begins!

It’s a very heart-warming process.  Before you meet your buddy you’d know (because we've done a home intake interview with them and their families) all about their background, reason for the referral, hobbies and interests, etc.  Knowledge of their interests gives you a foundation of where to begin your outings.  Children are typically referred to KidStart because they are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  They may be having difficulty at school or being bullied, and need to have a positive adult in their lives who will encourage and listen to them.

If you can be that friend in a child's life, please let us know.  We would also be happy to speak with you if you have any other questions or if you would like to come in (or chat by phone) for an information session.

We look forward to meeting you.


Tara Jordan
Campbell River & Area (Quadra, BlackCreek, Sayward) KidStart Coordinators
John Howard Society of North Island
250-286-0611 ext.113