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Grocery Shopping Assistant


Position Description:  Volunteer Grocery Shopping Assistant


Position Title:  CRBAH Volunteer Grocery Assistant


Position Summary:

To provide CRBAH clients (seniors/elders typically ages 65+) with transportation and assistance for grocery shopping. This involves driving a client from her/his residence in Campbell River to the client’s preferred grocery store in Campbell River, assisting the client with shopping if desired by the client, driving the client back home and helping to bring in and, if needed, put away the purchased groceries.


Time Commitment:  Minimum of one (1) round trip per week for six (6) months from the time the volunteer is first active in this role [need not be consecutive].


Reports toCampbell River Family Services CRBAH Program Coordinator


Client and Services Catchment area:  City of Campbell River


Core Competencies:

1.  Client Oriented:  the ability to be patient and supportive in meeting the needs of CRBAH clients

2.  Technical Expertise:  in-depth knowledge and skill in safe driving, and in reading maps

3.  Stress Management: the ability to function effectively when under pressure and maintain self-control

4.  Personal Credibility:  responsible, reliable and trustworthy


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Position Summary above,

1.  Obtain a Criminal Record Check (CRC) and BC Driver’s Abstract.

2.  Attend mandatory trainings: Introductory Training and Orientation; Dementia and Elder Abuse.

3.  Attend other trainings offered or recommended by CRBAH to enhance work related and interpersonal skills.

4.  Agree to comply with the CRBAH Program’s

  1. a.     Confidentiality Agreement
  2. b.    Code of Ethics
  3. c.     Conflict of Interest requirements
  4. d.    Volunteer Driver Pledge Statement 

5.  Disclose allergies, physical limitations, and current or planned volunteer activities in other organizations.

6.  When applicable, confidentially share any concerns about a client’s needs with the Campbell River Family Services CRBAH Program Coordinator.

7.  Inform the client and the Campbell River Family Services CRBAH Program Coordinator at least 2 business days in advance, or as soon as possible, if unable to do the assigned task as planned.

9.  Keep a logbook (provided by the program) for all CRBAH volunteer activities with clients.

10. Willing to undergo periodic review of my role to ensure the objectives of the program are being achieved.

11. Comply with the agreed program boundaries (program do’s and don’ts) and boundaries for volunteer grocery shopping assistants.


Basic Requirements

  1. 1.     Minimum age of 21 years old and up to 75 years old
  2. 2.     Clean Criminal Record Check
  3. 3.     Valid Class 5 BC driver’s license
  4. 4.     Clean Driver’s Abstract
  5. 5.     Own reliable vehicle with current valid registration and insurance with minimum third party liability of $2M
  6. 6.     Good English verbal communication skills
  7. 7.     Knowledge of Campbell River area and skillful in reading maps
  8. 8.     Can treat clients with dignity and respect
  9. 9.     Willing to make a difference in the client’s life



       1.  Experience working with seniors/elders

       2.  Training and/or experience relevant to assisting seniors/elders with: getting in and out of vehicle; entering and going out of buildings; cane and walker mobility aids

       3.  Training and/or experience relevant to seniors’/elders’ common health challenges (dementia, hard of hearing, vision impairments, etc.)