Campbell River Hospital and Public Health Unit

Direct Patient Contact - Patient Entertainer

Do you have hidden talents that could brighten the stay of a hospital patient? We are looking for clowns, musicians, puppeteers, or other ‘quieter’ entertainers to visit patients (and staff!).

  • Have a positive affect on patients and their families by momentarily taking their thoughts away from the reason they are currently involved with our services
  • Break the monotony of a hospital stay

 Outline of Volunteer’s Responsibilities:

  1. Provide ‘mini’ shows throughout the hospital that are appropriate to the audience. The audience may be made up of seniors, adults, children, patients, families and friends, and staff.
  2. Ensure that the performances are reasonably quiet and noise does not generally carryinto hallway or other rooms.
  3. As a VIHA-wide infection control practice, volunteer may not wear anything below the elbows during their shift, with the exception of a plain wedding band.
  4.  As our patients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, the content of any presentation be ethnically, religiously, politically and socially neutral.

Timeframe:  Preferably one afternoon or evening per week, but negotiable


Location of Assignment: Throughout Hospital, but primarily in patient areas


Skills, Experience, Qualifications and Personal Traits required for this Position:

  1. Flexibility and willingness to adjust based on the needs of the program. If you are used to performing in a defined, organized manner, e.g., “this is the stage, this is the audience, here is the sound, there are the lights, this is the script,” you will need to reconsider the manner that you perform at the site. Try to think of yourself as a well rehearsed improv act. Your routine, all that stuff you’ve practiced and perfected, is the foundation. With each show or mini show, you build yourself an act that meets the needs of your particular audience.

    You are on the schedule for tonight, only we can’t tell you how many people are going to be available. And we don’t know where you are going to be performing. Might be in a central space called the dining room or waiting area, but maybe not. Likely in the patients rooms, but possibly in the hall near the nurses' station or perhaps, you aren't really going to do a "show", instead, you'll have an hour and a half. During that time, please do a few dozen "mini" programs, five minutes, two minutes, or whatever seems appropriate.




Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday - Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday - Afternoon, Evening