Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

Seamster ('tress)

Seamsters ('tresses)

We are launching a fund-raising market test to determine the demand for wildlife themed tote bags. These products have been very successful for non-profits in other jurisdictions. (see sample pics attached) so we decided to try out a few at events, and if it works, we'll produce a lot for Christmas. We're seeking people with some sewing experience to help prepare the first 20 bags (12 large and 8 smaller totes). A photo of each style is provided.

We anticipate a considerable profit from each bag sold, almost $20 per bag. This could be a lucrative and relevant fund raiser for MARS.

The pattern is very simple and materials will be supplied. Our Fund Raising Committee is leading this effort and she can provide you with expert advice if you find yourself stumped!

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