Archway Community Services

Exciting News !

As you may or may not know we have changed our name from Abbotsford Community Services to Archway Community Services as of June 17th 2019

Why Change from Abbotsford Community Services?

While Abbotsford is our central location, we also have programs in Chilliwack, Mission, Langley and India. As we’ve grown, our name is no longer a comprehensive reflection of our geographical scope.

Additionally, our current name can cause confusion amongst the public. We are sometimes assumed to be part of the municipality or a sister organization of other agencies like Chilliwack or Mission Community Services.

Why Archway?

Our new name was selected after multiple rounds of brainstorming to find a short but unique name that would cover our 90+ programs. Archway speaks to ‘people helping people’ in a collective effort to support the community.

An ‘arch’ draws its strength from the individual pieces supporting each other which is a metaphor for how our agency’s programs, staff and volunteers work together to support to those in need.  The ‘way’ part speaks to how we help point clients in the right direction and provide a path forward.

Once the Name is Announced

Once the name is revealed to the public, you will notice a new logo, new building signage as well as shorter email addresses attached to our new domain ( We will be working on making our programs look more consistent, so it will be easier for the public to make the connections among all of our programs and know where they can turn to for help.

Rest assured that while our name is changing, our mission is not. With the help of dedicated volunteers like yourself, we will continue to work towards ‘justice, opportunities and equitable access for all.’

Featured Activities

Volunteer HUB

Welcome to the Archway Community Services Volunteer Application Page!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Archway Community Services. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing volunteers sharing their time, skills and talents with our staff, clients and fellow volunteers.

Please see our Featured Activities to view the different volunteer possibilities, based on your interests.

Our Vision

Justice, opportunities and equitable access for all.

Our Mission

Archway Community Services fosters community well-being and social justice through positive action and leadership.

Our 3-Fold Intent

  1. To plan for and provide direct social and community services
  2. To heighten awareness of social concerns in the community & to foster community involvement
  3. To create opportunities for community members to participate in serving, developing and strengthening our communities through partnership with government, private organizations and individuals.