Abbotsford Community Services

Welcome to the Abbotsford Community Services Volunteer Application Page!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Abbotsford Community Services. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing volunteers sharing their time, skills and talents with our staff, clients and fellow volunteers.

Please see our Volunteer HUB below to view the different volunteer possibilities, based on your interests.


“We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.”


Volunteer HUB

People Helping People


An agency that fosters community well being and social justice through positive action and leadership.


Our employees and volunteers share basic values, related to our mission and vision, which are evident in all our initiatives and in the way in which we work.

We value:

* people in all their diversity; individuals, families and communities;

* treating each person with dignity, respect, fairness, courtesy and compassion;

* empowerment of people so they can achieve their goals;

* each other and the work we do;

* excellence, professionalism and accountability in service;

* service provided in a timely, courteous and friendly manner;

* results and outcomes that are effective and efficient;

* personal and corporate integrity, ethics and responsibility;

* creativity, ideas, learning, change, innovation and entrepreneurship;

* a non-adversarial, non-confrontational, cooperative approach;

* partnerships with individuals, organizations, communities and governments; and

* public confidence in our work.