Ankeny Community School District

Thank you for seeking the opportunity to volunteer within the Ankeny Community School District. There are many ways to help and you choose your involvement level. Positions vary from student facing to behind the scenes at elementary or secondary buildings.

As a reminder, all volunteers must do the following:

Step 1: Background Check

A background check for volunteering within the Ankeny Community School District is required every 5 years. This document must be completed online. Please allow 2 weeks for processing background checks.

  • If you are unsure of the date of your last background check for volunteering, you will need to contact the district office at 515-965-9600.
  • If you have had a background check within the last 5 years, only complete steps 2 and 3.  Click here to apply for a background check.

Step 2: Volunteer Handbook

The Volunteer Handbook must be completed before you plan to volunteer and must be completed each year. The Volunteer Handbook includes: volunteer information, volunteer objectives, certification of compliance, and statement of confidentiality.  Click here to complete the Volunteer Handbook.

Step 3: Application

Select your school from the list at the left to find the application at the bottom of the page. Click the gray "Fill in an Application" box. Upon approval of your application, you will be able to view available volunteer activities under the "Opportunities" tab when logged into your Better Impact account.

Thank you for your involvement and commitment to the Ankeny Community School District!


Mission Statement

The Ankeny Community School District engages all students in an educational experience that equips them with the skills to flourish in and contribute to an ever-changing world.