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The Mississauga Food Bank is the central food bank in Mississauga, leading a network of over 50 agencies including neighbourhood food banks, pantries, and meal and snack programs to distribute food for over five million meals each year to vulnerable children, seniors, families, and neighbours in Mississauga.

Our Vision: A Mississauga where no one goes hungry

Our Mission: Relieving hunger in Mississauga by providing and promoting access to healthy and appropriate food.

Our Values:

Community: We value and stand in solidarity with all those who contribute to and/or benefit from efforts to create a Mississauga where no one goes hungry.

Collaboration: We value and actively seek contributions from all; focusing on strengths and avoiding duplication to accomplish shared goals.

Excellence: We value progress and innovation; continuously striving to optimize resources and engage in innovation and achieve higher standards.

Integrity: We value what is right over what is easy; choosing courage over comfort to build an environment of trust, respect, and inclusivity.


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