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volunteering@dimensions-uk.org 0300 303 9162 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)

Stories about our volunteers



Meet some of our volunteers

Click here to meet some of our amazing volunteers and find out what volunteering with Dimensions means to them.


Click on the below images to check out our super talented volunteers who have been creating fun videos to help provide some entertainment for the people we support!

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What our volunteers say about volunteering with Dimensions


“My experience of volunteering with Dimensions gave me the opportunity to change a person’s life, including my own. It gave me the satisfaction of playing a significant role in someone else’s life.

I never realised that the simplest things, such as reading stories and keeping company could mean so much for someone, before I met Anna; a Greek woman with many disabilities.

I am so grateful that my voice recordings  in our native language made Anna feel like home again, and all thanks to Dimensions.  An experience I will never forget!"

Dimitra, Greek-speaking Volunteer


Click on the below image to read more of what our volunteers have to say about volunteering with Dimensions!


Inspired?  Please get in touch!


volunteering@dimensions-uk.org 0300 303 9162


How Dimensions is managing Covid-19

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. We would like to assure applicants and new starters that Dimensions is taking all possible steps to minimise risks to volunteers and colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic.


Our CEO Rachael Dodgson has written this open letter to detail more about how we are achieving this.