Volunteer with Lifeblood

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping other people. It’s the heart of what we do, after all. Our volunteers make sure every life-changing donor leaves feeling great. That’s right: they help people help people.

And, if you’re at least 16 years old, you can be one of them.




Meet Caz and Mim

Find out more about a day in the life of these passionate volunteers.

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How to apply




Send an application

Use the search bar to the left to find a donor centre near you. It’s that easy. Just fill out the application form and click send.


Come in for a chat

If your application is successful, we may invite you in to chat about the role. It’s your chance to ask any questions, too.


We’ll double check

We’ll need to run a police check, but it shouldn’t take too long and we’ll be in touch when it’s done.


It’s time to shine

You’ll learn some quick facts about blood donation and how things work in a donor centre.

And that’s it — now you’re part of the Lifeblood team!


What does volunteering at Lifeblood look like?

As a volunteer, you’ll be a donor’s best friend. You’ll chat with them, make milkshakes for them, bring your expertise about blood donation, and be your usual all-round amazing self.

We’ll work with you to set a regular, ongoing shift that suits you and your schedule.

Please be aware that we can’t provide work experience or student placements.



Donor Centre Locations



About Lifeblood

We’re Lifeblood, and we’re here to help donors give life — and recipients get it. We work together, across the nation, with donors, communities, health providers and you, our volunteers. Our purpose? Life-giving donations for life-changing outcomes.


A heartfelt culture

We’re a diverse and inclusive bunch. We’re proud to foster an environment where all people can come together to achieve their very best.


Australian Red Cross

Lifeblood is a division of the Australian Red Cross Society, but we’re separate from the humanitarian arm (we’re actually funded by Australian governments, not financial donations). There are even more volunteer opportunities over at the Red Cross. Click here to have a look.

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