Volunteer with Lifeblood

There are over 1,000 generous Australians like you who volunteer with Lifeblood. They help things run smoothly and make sure every life-changing donor leaves feeling great. They’re a great bunch so it’s no surprise you want to join them.



How to apply




Find a convenient location

Use the search bar to the left to find a donor centre near you, and click the location. Yes, it really is that easy! Just fill out the application form and click send.



Come in for a chat

If your application is successful, we may invite you in for an interview. We’ll talk through the role and what we expect from you. This is a great time to ask any questions and let us know what you expect from us, too.



We’ll do our bit

We’ll need to run a police check because you’ll be in contact with many donors during your duties. It shouldn’t take too long and we’ll be in touch once it’s complete.



Then you’ll do yours

You’ll go through basic training to get up to speed with some quick facts about blood donation and how things work in a donor centre. And that’s it — now you’re part of the Lifeblood team!

As a volunteer, you’ll be a pro at milkshake making, an expert on the subject of blood donation, and an all-round amazing person.



Donor Centre Locations



About Lifeblood

Our purpose is life-giving blood, plasma, transplantation and biological products for world-leading health outcomes. Through the power of humanity.

We're here for all Australians — all 26.3 million of them. And while our life-giving role started 90 years ago with blood donations, today we facilitate the donation of tissue, organs, breast milk, bone marrow and microbiota. It’s no small task, and it’s all thanks to the dedication of thousands of people from all walks of life working together as one.


Inclusion and diversity

We welcome different perspectives and backgrounds with open minds. We’re proud to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion; a place where people can come together to achieve their best.


Australian Red Cross

Lifeblood is a division of the Australian Red Cross, however we’re separate from the humanitarian arm (we’re actually funded by Australian governments, not financial donations). There are even more volunteer opportunities over at the Red Cross, click here to have a look.

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