Potter Park Zoological Society

Thank you for considering Potter Park Zoo for your donation. Your support allows all members of the community to experience the wonder of Potter Park Zoo. Click here to learn more about other programs you can support today. To read about recent zoo news and stories, click here to read the zoo's blog.

General Zoo Donation

Your gifts benefit the zoo by providing ongoing financial support that ensures the health and well-being of all animals at the zoo and provides for education and outreach, conservation, animal welfare programs, and capital improvement projects.

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Animal Health Program

All donations will provide additional support and development of the zoo's animal health program and animal hospital.
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Tribute Gift

A gift can be made as a tribute or in remembrance of a family member, loved one, or friend. To request a letter sent to the family, please contact the development department at eorourke@ingham.org or at (517) 244-8042. Please provide the Development Department the name(s) and address of those you wish send an acknowledgement letter.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Potter Park Zoological Society (PPZS) is to support Potter Park Zoo and its mission of inspiring people to conserve animals and the natural world. The Society supports the zoo through a variety of means: managing the zoo’s membership program, producing family events, grant writing, and coordinating all other fundraising activities. PPZS also designs, develops and implements all of the educational and community engagement efforts of the zoo.