Trauma Help for Women (THW)

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Trauma Help for Women (THW)

Transforming Community





We are able to change lives by changing mindsets through our Books and Blankets program and Financial Accountability.  Restoring hope and empowering community to become the steering to their own destination!

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Youth Outreach and Mentorship




Through our peer mentor program, youth see positive role models, build self-esteem, and receive guidance while trying to navigate through their latter teen years.

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Hope Through Support






In our support programs, we offer various peer trained support groups and peer one-on-one sessions to individuals healing from the effects of sexual, physical, and emotional traumas.

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Reach Through Advocacy






Our advocacy program uses peer survivors to support victims of trauma by empowering them as their own advocate, while supporting them during their experience.

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Mission Statement

Our focus is to make a positive impact for the community.  In order to accomplish this we strive "to support individuals on their journey to the other side of healing, so that they can discover who they were truly meant to be".