Milwaukie Community Center Foundation

The Milwaukie Community Center Foundation is the fund raising organization for the Milwaukie Community Center. 

We support Meals on Wheels and the other programs that connect and impact our community.

Your support makes the center work.

Annual Appeal

Logo OnlyOn behalf of the Milwaukie Community Center Foundation, we express our deep gratitude for your continued support.

Our shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community has empowered us to make significant strides in providing vital services, that play a crucial role in ensuring that our community members have access to nutritious meals and other essential support services.

Over the past year, Milwaukie Community Center Foundation has been instrumental in addressing the growing needs of our community. Through your generosity, we have been able to:

  1. Expand Meals on Wheels Services: Your support has enabled us to increase the reach of our Meals on Wheels program, delivering nourishing meals directly to the doorsteps of seniors and individuals with mobility challenges.
  2. Enhance Community Engagement: The foundation has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community through various programs hosted at the Milwaukie Community Center. These initiatives bring people together, creating a supportive environment for personal growth and social connections.
  3. Support Wellness and Enrichment Programs: Thanks to your contributions, we have been able to provide a diverse range of wellness and enrichment programs, catering to the unique needs and interests of our community members.

As we reflect on these achievements, we recognize that none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of compassionate individuals like yourself. Today, we invite you to join us once again in our annual appeal to ensure the continued success and expansion of these vital programs.

By supporting the Milwaukie Community Center Foundation, you are investing in the health, happiness, and resilience of our community. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more connected Milwaukie.

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Meals on Wheels

Did you know that over 300 meals a day are prepared by our kitchen staff and volunteers for the Meals on Wheels Program?  Over 270 of those meals are delivered to homebound seniors and other members of our community with reduced mobility. If you do the math, that’s over 75,000 meals a year. Just for reference, in the first quarter 2020, we delivered 170 meals a day. The need for Meals on Wheels in our community has increased by 63% and is continuing to grow. In the last year the Foundation has taken on the fund-raising responsibility for Meals on Wheels as well as the other programs at the Milwaukie Community Center.

Our shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community has empowered us to make significant strides in providing vital services, particularly through programs like Meals on Wheels. This initiative, among others, plays a crucial role in ensuring that our community members, especially those who are most vulnerable, have access to nutritious meals and essential support services.

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Regular Donation

This program is for donors that donate regularly to help Milwaukie Community Center Foundation fund the programs, Meals on Wheels and community events at the Milwaukie Community Center. This donation program can be set up as a recurring online donation.

These Donors are the heart and soul of our community. 

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March for Meals

March for Meals

The month of March is the Milwaukie Community Center’s annual “March for Meals” fundraising campaign to support the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers up to 75,000 nutritious meals annually to older adults and people with disabilities in North Clackamas. The demand for Meals on Wheels remains at an all-time high, and community support is essential to the program’s success.

Learn more about March for Meals

Bob Moore Memorial

Bob Moore and Marty Hanley, Milwaukie Community Center Supervisor

Bob Moore's dedication to supporting the Milwaukie Community Center Foundation and the Meals on Wheels program was truly inspiring. His generosity made a significant impact on the community, and his presence will be deeply missed. It's individuals like Bob who help organizations thrive and continue their important work in supporting those in need.  Honoring his legacy by donating in his memory is a beautiful way to continue his legacy of giving back to the community. 

Learn more about Bob Moore Memorial

Julie Donohue Memorial

Julie Ann Donohue served as a regular volunteer for events, in reception and as a Community Center Advisory Board member. Her infectious smile, cheerful demeanor and positive attitude are deeply missed. 

Your donation in memory of Julie will help us keep the programs of the Milwaukie Community Center funded.

Thank you for remembering Julie in this way.

Learn more about Julie Donohue Memorial

Connection Resource Sponsor

This Program is for sponsoring in the Connection Magazine.

1/8 page ads are $450 -(equates to $75 per issue)

1/4 page ads are $750 -(equates to $125 per issue)

3/8 page and calendar page ads are $1200 -(equates to $200 per issue)

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Event Sponsorship

We have multiple fundraising and community event throughout the year. Businesses and individuals who sponsor these events, monetarily or with product, can use this category to record their donations and receive their tax-deductible receipt. With these sponsorships, when completed in timely manner, comes recognition in our promotional materials, print and/or digital.

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Mission Statement

To Provide resources and outreach to enrich the lives of the people in our community

by supporting the programs and services of the Milwaukie Community Center.

Keeping the community connected since 1980

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