Read and Agree to Insurance Waiver

All CapU volunteers MUST read and agree to this document. Once you have read it, you will ask for the "qualification" before you are able to volunteer for any shift.




Capilano University thanks you for your assistance in donating your time and expertise to the university. A volunteer is defined as an individual who provides their services without any express of implied promise of being paid or receiving goods or services in exchange for their duties.


Volunteers must have the necessary training and/or supervision to safely carry out their volunteer activities and depending on the particular function to be performed, must meet the approved license/certification and university requirements and/or have a valid driver’s license and appropriate vehicle insurance. A volunteer is personally responsible for their own behavior and for their own acts when carrying out the volunteer duties for the university. A volunteer has a duty to take reasonable care while volunteering to the university and to limit their volunteer activities to only those duties approved/assigned by the university. Refer to your “Volunteer Job Description” and/or ask your supervisor for assistance if unsure.


Volunteers are not subject to any provisions of law related to employment. In carrying out their volunteer activities, volunteers are expected to comply with applicable university bylaws, policies and procedures and to act under the direction of university officials and administrators


Confidentiality of information contained in Student, Human Resources and Financial records for Capilano University students, employees, volunteers, alumni, and financial records must be maintained in a confidential manner at all times.



I have entered into a volunteer relationship with Capilano University and acknowledge that I shall not nor shall I expect to receive any form of payment for volunteer talents and services I contribute to the university. I recognize that I can terminate my volunteer service at any time and for any reason. The university also reserves the right to end my volunteer service whenever the university deems it to be in its best interest. I understand volunteers are not covered by workers compensation legislation. I also understand and acknowledge that I will not be provided any medical or disability benefits by the university in the event I may injure myself during the volunteer activities.


Volunteers who are officially approved and accepted by the university will be included under the university’s insurance program to cover claims arising from bodily injuries or property damage suffered by a third party because of the negligence of the volunteer’s actions during the approved dates and times, and in the course of their approved volunteer duties – criminal or malicious actions excluded.


There are risks inherent in any volunteer activity and, in this case, risks may include, but not be limited to, potential personal injury to myself or others, property damage, medical incident and more.  I acknowledge and accept these risks.


As volunteer you can and should refuse to undertake any activity that you feel is unsafe or for which you feel there may be inadequate supervision.


Release, Waiver and Indemnity

I release the university, its servants, agents and employees from any and all liability for any injury, damages, losses and expenses that I may suffer as a result of the volunteer relationship with the university. Further, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the university, its servants, agents and employees from any losses, damages, cost or expenses arising from any claims or demands which may be made against the university arising out of or in consequence of my volunteer relationship with the university. I make and provide this Release, Waiver and Indemnity on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and assigns and anyone claiming by, through, or on my behalf.


Once you have read the waiver and you understand the agreement:

  • Go to the top right of your profile page and
  • Click MY PROFILE,
  • Scroll down to QUALIFICATIONS and
  • Choose "Read and Agree to Waiver"

The agreement will expire annually.


Any questions? Please contact your administrator. 



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