Volunteer Policies

My Volunteer Program (MVP)

Our parents are the MVPs of St. Francis Catholic High School!  

MVP is the parent volunteer service arm of St. Francis Catholic High School.

  • Parents perform a prescribed number of hours of service each year or pay a higher, non-participation rate of tuition.

  • Parents of students in grades 9-11 perform 25 hours of volunteer service per year.

  • Senior parents perform 10 hours.

  • Parents with more than one St. Francis daughter, perform the required hours for the lowest grade.

  • Single parents who are solely responsible for tuition may elect to perform 12.5 hours grades 9-11 (5 for senior parents).

Non Participation Tuition Information

  • The additional tuition is $1,000 per year for non-participating families. Diocesan regulations mandate that this amount cannot be prorated for partial hours completed, therefore all hours must be performed and reported to avoid paying the non-participation fee.

  Volunteer Agreement

I acknowledge that I have chosen to volunteer at St. Francis Catholic High School. In connection with my volunteer service, I make the following express representations: I understand and acknowledge that my time and services as a volunteer are being donated by me to the Roman Catholic Church, specifically the School named above without contemplation of compensation of any kind and that I am providing these services for religious, charitable, or humanitarian reasons. I understand that as a volunteer I will earn no compensation, remuneration, or benefits of any kind in connection with the volunteer services I wish to provide. I understand that St. Francis Catholic High School shall have the right to release me as a volunteer without prior notice. I agree to abide by all rules, regulations, policies, procedures, practices, and instructions of St. Francis Catholic High School and to use reasonable care in all that I do when performing volunteer services. I understand that in the course of my volunteer services, I may be provided with access to, or come to be in possession of, confidential, non-public information concerning employees, parents, students, volunteers, or other individuals, as well as confidential information concerning sacramental or ministerial Church activities. I agree that I will honor the confidential nature of any such information, and will not disclose directly or indirectly to any person or entity outside the School, without express written authorization. I agree to release, waive, discharge, and promise not to sue the Diocese of Sacramento and St. Francis Catholic High School, their affiliated entities, employees, agents, and volunteers (the “Diocese”) from all liability for any loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore on account of serious or mortal injury to the body, injury to psyche, or injury to property of the undersigned whether caused by negligence or other conduct by the Diocese and in any way connected with the services provided by the undersigned in, upon, or about the premises of the Diocese or any of its facilities or equipment. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Diocese from any loss, liability, damage, or cost it may incur due to or in any way connected with the services provided by the undersigned in, upon, or about the premises of the Diocese, its facilities or equipment whether caused by the negligence of the Diocese or otherwise. I acknowledge that I have read this agreement, have voluntarily signed it, and that no oral representations, statements, or inducements apart from the contents of this agreement have been made to me.


All personnel, volunteers, independent contractors, and contracted services provided access to confidential information of St. Francis Catholic High School (SFHS) are required to abide by this Confidentiality and Information Management Policy (“the Policy”). Scope of Protection All information relating to enrollment, personnel, students, and the solicitation of and receipt of gifts by St. Francis Catholic High School (SFHS) is considered confidential and should be treated as private and proprietary. For purposes of this Policy, this information is collectively referred to as “Confidential Information.”  Confidential Information should be carefully managed, maintained, and supervised to ensure privacy and confidentiality.  Databases and the information in them are the sole and exclusive property of SFHS, a private 501(c) organization. Access to and management of that information must be overseen in accordance with SFHS policies, procedures and permissions.  Confidential Information should not be disclosed, without the advance permission of the President or Principal or his/her designee, to any persons or entities outside of and unrelated to SFHS. Confidentiality and Information Management Procedures  Access to SFHS information and documents and to Confidential Information is restricted to authorized SFHS personnel based on a need-to-know basis according to job function. All personnel who may receive Confidential Information must sign this Policy in order to access any SFHS information or database. Access by other persons or agencies is determined by the President or Principal or his/her designee.  Files (in any form) may not be removed from SFHS offices without the advance approval of the President or Principal or his/her designee. All information must be maintained in cabinets or rooms that are locked when authorized personnel are not in attendance or on password-protected file servers and/or databases.  Confidential Information in SFHS files will not be released to SFHS volunteers except in the course of regular SFHS business and only with the approval of the President or Principal or his/her designee and on condition that the volunteer signs this Policy.  Financial and gift information will not be released to non-development personnel or persons or agencies external to SFHS except as necessary to conduct regular SFHS business. Any volunteers authorized to do business on behalf of SFHS may be granted access to financial and gift information (when necessary for completion of the volunteer assignment), as long as the volunteer signs this Policy.  Names and addresses of students, parents of students, personnel, and donors will not be released to agencies or persons external to SFHS personnel except in the course of regular SFHS business. Under no circumstances will names or addresses be released for mailings not relevant to SFHS business. Independent contractors, contracted services and auditors must guarantee confidentiality of any and all information submitted to them under contract for SFHS work.  Individuals and organizational representatives may request to see their own individual or organizational files by making an appointment with the appropriate administrative staff person. Persons granted such access will be supervised and will not be allowed to access any other files, copy information, or remove any items from the file.  New information added to the files must be verifiable and from a reliable source.  All authorized personnel are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality, orderliness, accuracy, and timeliness of file information. Persons with access to SFHS Confidential Information are responsible for protecting confidentiality. No information will be disclosed, except as permitted by SFHS Confidentiality and Information Management Policy and Procedures. No personal use will be made of Confidential Information. Authorization for access to Confidential Information in the files by external agencies or persons can only be granted with the permission of the President or Principal or his/her designee. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the terms of the St. Francis Catholic High School Statement of Confidentiality and Information Management Policy and Procedures

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