Ambassador Agreement Form

The Project HEAL family is thrilled to have your support in serving as an Ambassador with our organization. Project HEAL Ambassadors are vital members of the Project HEAL community, as they work to establish a network of local supporters while hosting events and offering local education services, with the ultimate goal of helping more people in need by eventually launching a local Project HEAL chapter.

As a volunteer, we ask you agree to adhere to all applicable policies (all policies available in manual) and role responsibilities with Project HEAL outlined below. You understand that you will receive no monetary benefits in return for your volunteer service and that this opportunity is for your personal benefit in gaining further knowledge and/or experience. We would like to confirm that you agree with the following expectations required of all Project HEAL Ambassadors-

*Note: signing this form does not automatically indicate acceptance of the volunteer opportunity; it is the first step of the application process in which all submitted materials are reviewed by Project HEAL staff.



  • Create and manage one Project HEAL branded Instagram or Twitter account

    • Adhere to branding and marketing guidelines (policies detailed in Ambassador Manual)

    • Create customized graphics (use Canva graphic templates when needed)

  • Cultivate local support and volunteer interest to establish a new Project HEAL chapter.

  • Identify, reach out to, and (when applicable) collaborate with community members (e.g. business owners, professionals, academics, etc) supporting localized initiatives

  • Participate in all daily/weekly campaigns Project HEAL participates in annually (e.g. #GivingTuesday).

  • Coordinate with the designated Project HEAL staff member in planning any fundraising events.

  • If fundraising, manage funds raised via Google Drive and coordinate with the Development Manager to send funds into national office.

  • Attend quarterly informational Workshops hosted by the Project HEAL Volunteer Manager (hosted via GoToWebinar; meeting information provided at least 1 month prior to Workshop).

  • Share all presentation materials with the Volunteer Manager to be reviewed and approved prior to sharing with the public.

  • Submit at least 2 entries to the Project HEAL blog per year.



  • Volunteer in this position 2-3 hours per week (typical week) and 6-8 hours per week (when hosting events or presentations) serving in this role for at least 1-year.

  • Complete basic criminal background check before initial onboarding and once a year post-onboarding.

  • Maintain a solid understanding of the programs, mission, and values of Project HEAL.

  • Use Project HEAL Google account for all organization specific email correspondence, responding to emails within 48 to 72 hours.

  • Maintain a professional appearance when representing Project HEAL in any public forum.

  • Complete agreed upon projects within the allotted time frame.

  • Maintain active and clear communication with all Project HEAL staff.

  • You have been in an active recovery from your eating disorder for a minimum of 1.5 years (if applicable).

    • *Note: Project HEAL defines being in an active recovery/recovered as being consistently free from any eating disordered behaviors while recognizing that eating disorder thoughts may still arise, avoiding acting on such thoughts.

  • Notify your staff supervisor, as soon as possible, should you encounter a lapse or relapse in eating disorder recovery (if applicable).

  • Maintain a pro-recovery ideology (e.g. refrain from making negative comments about food or weight; promote the positives of recovery and that full recovery is possible; encourage body acceptance and love; etc) in person, as well as online (i.e. social media).

    • *Review full policy and expectations of high-level volunteers engaging in marketing and communication as a Project HEAL ambassador (signing this form confirms agreement to adhere to those terms)

  • Abstain from using your role with Project HEAL to endorse or promote any of your professional services. Project HEAL has a strict policy on conflict of interest and prohibits any volunteer from soliciting business through and/or during Project HEAL activities.

  • Treat other volunteers, staff, and those within our community with kindness and respect.



  • Any materials, graphics, designs, photographs, plans, or any other documents and drawings, prepared or in the course of preparation by the volunteer while engaged in the performance of those services set forth in the “Responsibilities” subsection shall be the exclusive property of Project HEAL and all such materials shall be remitted to Project HEAL by the volunteer upon completion, termination, or cancellation of service. A volunteer shall not use, willingly allow, or cause to have such materials used for any purpose other than performance of the volunteer’s service under this agreement without prior written consent from a Project HEAL executive staff member.

  • You will keep confidential any and all Confidential Information of Project HEAL that comes into your possession.


In signing this form, I agree to serve in this role for at least 2-3/6-8 hours per week/1 consecutive year and understand that if for any reason I am unable to fulfill the above commitment, that I must provide Project HEAL with at least 4 weeks notice (unless circumstances do not allow for that).

Failure to abide by any of the terms within this agreement will result in the Volunteer completing the non-compliance protocol, which may include dismissal from the assigned role within Project HEAL, depending on the circumstances.  

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