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If you are seeking a volunteer opportunity in Ontario, please reach out to the community directly. You can reach out to if you need help finding the community that is right for you!

AgeCare Volunteer Group Application

This application represents of a group of 2 or more volunteers who will be volunteering together. The application must be completed by the primary contact of the group and must have an independent profile from any other Better Impact Profile. If you are interested in volunteering as an individual, please fill out the applicable application.

As a group profile, we request that all contact information is filled out in the following format:

  • First Name: Group Name (ex. Lily's String Quartet)
  • Last Name: Group
  • Email & Phone: Primary Contacts information
  • Address and other information: The Primary Contact OR the Associated Organization Location (ex. location of the church/center of faith)

The primary contact understands that in filling out this application, they will receive all notices related to the group. The primary contact will be responsible (but not limited to) for maintaining the files completeness, ensuring it accurately reflects all group members, and collecting all required documents ahead of the volunteer shift.

Volunteers in the group must be 15 years of age or older to volunteer.

Volunteers in the group were either not  involved/witness in an investigation under the Protection for Persons in Care Act (PPCA), or will have identified this to the AgeCare Volunteer Advisor.

If a volunteer in the group has or currently works or volunteers with any AgeCare community, as either an employee or with an agency, this is identified on the application.

Volunteering with AgeCare may require a Vulnerable Sector Search(VSS) and Criminal Record Search from each group member prior to their first shift. Volunteers understand their need to procure one upon acceptance into the volunteer program, should it be requested.

Applicants understand that the information provided in the application will be used to process their eligibility for a suitable volunteer position.  They declare that the information provided on the application will be true and complete. Applicants understand that any false information provided may be cause for denial of a volunteer placement or dismissal after placement.

The applicants authorizes AgeCare to contact individuals and organizations named on this application to obtain further information that would assist with their placement/success as a volunteer.  

The applicants consents that AgeCare may collect, retain information and conduct further investigations with respect to the information.   The volunteer further consent to the updating of this information as necessary.

The applicant understands volunteers are required to complete a 3 month / 50 hour probation period from the date of their first shift (following onsite orientation).

I understand that proceeding with the application confirms that I have read the above requirements and agree to abide if accepted as a Volunteer Group.



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