Community Service Guidelines for the Marian House

This Application is for those wishing to complete community service volunteer hours with Catholic Charities.
This application is for Court Ordered/Goodwill volunteers only. Other volunteer please fill out the other application.
--You will be given a hard copy of this information--
  • Community Service at the Marian House is not permitted without first registering with the Volunteer Office.
  • Showing up to do community service without being on the schedule to work is not allowed. If you do so, you will be sent home.
  • Monday through Friday, community service volunteers are scheduled and must be available to work from 7am to 3pm or 10am to 3pm, Saturday the shift is 7am to 3pm, and Sunday the shift is 7am to 12pm. Please note, a majority of the time, the 7am to 3pm shift is done by 1:45pm or 2pm and 6.75 to 7 hours of service credit is given. The 10am to 3pm shift is usually done by 1:45pm or 2pm and 3.75 to 4 hours of service credit is given. The Sunday shift is most always done between 10:45am and 11am and 3.75 to 4 hours of service credit are given.
  • If you are within 30 minutes or less of your total required service hours, you have the option to schedule with the volunteer office to come in earlier on a shift. For example, you are required to complete 8 hours of community service and you schedule two 10am shifts at the soup kitchen. If, after the first shift, you are given 3.75 hours of credit, you must schedule to come in for the next shift at 9:45am and work until 2pm to complete the 8 hours. If you are 45 minutes or more short of your required service hours, the shortest shift we can offer is the half day shift. We do not offer partial shifts.
  • Any special requests must be made by a manager or approved by Doug Rouse.
  • You must show up promptly at your scheduled time.
  • If you show up tardy (15 minutes late) more than twice, you will not be allowed to continue your community service here. Tardiness over 15 minutes is subject to dismissal.
  • No Call / No Show: This is a failure to show up for your scheduled shift and/or failure to call in sick prior to your start time. You will not be permitted to continue your community service here if you do not show or call in sick.
  • When you arrive, you must sign-in and check-in with a Manager. When you leave, you must check out with a Manager. Failure to do so may result in a loss of your time.
  • There are many jobs at the Soup Kitchen. Your job assignment may consist of any one or more of them. If you don’t accept your assigned task(s), you will be sent home. If you are not busy, see a manager right away! Failure to stay busy may result in a loss of your time.
  • Soup Kitchen Community Service volunteers must be able to lift 20 pound floor mats and stand/walk for the duration of the shift. If lighter duty is needed, the volunteer office must be informed during the interview process.
  • You must ask a manager if you need to or want to take a break. Simply leaving your assigned post is not permissible and could result in being sent home.
  • If you have a concern about another volunteer or staff member, please see a manager immediately. Do not take things into your own hands. Always let one of the managers handle the situation.
  • Taking home food items or any Soup Kitchen property without the permission of a manager will result in not being able to continue your community service here as well as a possible prosecution.
  • We reserve the right to send community service volunteers home for any reason at any time.
  • All community service volunteers must check out with the Manager at the end of their shift. An Operations Manger will give your a white slip with your verified service hours, failure to obtain a slip may result in loss of service hours.
  • You must report to the Volunteer office with your white time slip(s) to have your hours recorded on your time sheet. The office hours are 10:30am to 2:00pm weekdays. On weekdays, most people drop off their slips immediately after their shift instead of collecting them. If you complete a shift on a weekend or holiday, you must provide the time slip(s) during office hours, or call to schedule an appointment outside of regular office hours. Your hours will not be totaled and sent to the appropriate agency until you request so.
  • There are lockers in the break room but you must bring your own lock. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. The lockers in the break room can fit a lock with a 9/32 inch diameter shackle, the shackle is the "U" shaped loop of metal. Please note a 9/32 inch diameter (about a quarter inch) is smaller than the Master combination padlocks locks familiar to many people. Marian House Staff Will Not store any items/valuables, including backpacks or purses.


 Volunteer Waiver and Release of Claim


Catholic Charities of Central Colorado screens to provide a safe environment for children participating in our programs and/ or on our premises. A signed release will be required for all volunteers directly interacting with children. This release will provide Catholic Charities the authority to conduct a background check and talk to past supervisors where applicant work/ volunteered with children's organizations and programs. Abuse of children is taken very seriously, and all outcries or reports of abuse are reported to police or Child Protective Services (CPS), and we fully comply with requests from authorities investigating child abuse. Catholic Charities has adopted policies/ procedures specifically created to safeguard children in its programs. Contact/ interaction with children in all program contexts will be randomly monitored.


The undersigned acknowledges and understands that accidents resulting in injury occasionally occur during such activities as the undersigned will be engaging in. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the undersigned hereby agrees to fully assume any and all risk of harm or injury which may occur to the undersigned during any activity, and to release and hold harmless Catholic Charities and its officers, agents, employees, and other volunteers from any claims or causes of action as set forth above. Finally, it is understood and agreed that this waiver, release, and assumption of risk is binding on the heirs, successors, and assigns of the undersigned.


Harassment is prohibited and includes:
  • Abusive language, derogatory statements, gossip and disrespectful comments, slurs, and innuendos;
  • Assault, battery, bullying, unwanted touching, rude gestures, and sexual advances;
  • Inappropriate posters, drawings, electronic images, text messages, e-mails, and social media postings.
Every volunteer who witnesses or is a victim of harassment should immediately report the matter to management. All complaints of harassment will be investigated. Volunteers must cooperate with any investigation. 
Volunteers must comply with The Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and all provisions of the Diocese Sexual Misconduct Policy attached as Appendix A.
Some people have medical conditions where touch is painful; also, some of our clients may have life experiences that make unsolicited touch distressful. For your safety and the safety of the people we serve and volunteer with, please request a client’s permission before providing supportive physical contact of any kind to assist a person who appears to need it. You can offer or accept a handshake at your own discretion. Both physical contact with a client who has expressed a reservation, or inappropriate physical contact of any kind regardless of client consent, are unacceptable.
This can be defined as efforts to induce someone to convert to one's faith or to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause. Volunteers for Catholic Charities are prohibited from proselytizing in any capacity. Our services are not contingent on individuals participating in our faith or any faith. However, this does not prohibit productive or helpful spiritual discussion, especially when invited to do so by the people you meet. Do not argue with people about the faith. Rather, find a compassionate way to share the truth.




Dress Code At All Locations: 
Appropriate business attire shall be worn during work hours. Volunteers are expected to be neat, clean, and professional, consistent with their work situation and applicable safety concerns. In general, the following are not appropriate:
  • Clothing with logos or graphics must not reflect any form of violent, discriminatory, abusive, offensive, demeaning, or otherwise unprofessional message.
  • Clothing which is revealing, tight-fitting, sheer or provocative. No yoga pants/leggings. 
  • Clothing which is torn, dirty, worn or contains holes.
  • Shorts, halter tops crop tops tube tops.
  • Mini-skirts or skirts with high slits.
  • Flip flops, slippers, or beach footwear. 
  • Poor hygiene.
  • Strong fragrances.
  • Visible excessive or dramatic piercings, tattoos, or body art.
Radical departures from what the Agency considers conventional dress or personal grooming are not permitted regardless of the nature of the job performed. If in doubt whether attire is appropriate, do not wear it, or ask your supervisor ahead of time. 
Additional Requirements at the Marian House: Shoes must be closed-toed, closed-heeled, and slip-resistant. Skirts will be permitted if religious practice dictates; however, job duties may be modified to accommodate compliance with existing health codes and Marian House safety practices. The wearing of jewelry is discouraged. If you wear a watch, it must be covered by a glove (provided by Marian House) or removed. No headphones or cell phone use while working. If hair is below the chin or touches the shoulder, it must be tied back. If you have an open wound, management must be notified upon your arrival. If you fail to comply, you must leave.

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