Volunteer Declaration

Central London Community Healthcare Trust - Conditions of Placement 

  1. The placement will be without payment from the Trust.
  2. During the course of the placement you may have access to information of a confidential nature and you are required to undertake not to disclose such information to any unauthorised persons (including the media). Breach in confidentiality may result in the termination of the placement as detailed in the Confidentiality Undertaking document.
  3. Any event of misconduct or poor performance may result in the termination of your Voluntary Placement.
  4. Your Voluntary Placement to the Trust does not constitute employment and you will not be entitled to any form of payment on its cessation. Employment with the Trust is not guaranteed or conferred by this Placement.
  5. Whilst on a Voluntary Placement to the Trust, you will comply with the policies and procedures as prescribed and direct any concerns/complaints to the Voluntary Services Manager.
  6. Health and Safety - The Trust has an obligation under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 to provide safe and healthy working conditions and methods. You are required to co-operate with Management in discharging its responsibilities under the Act and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and others. You have a duty to inform your superior, if, for any reason, you have difficulty in carrying out a task delegated to you.
  7. Equal Opportunities - I understand that it is the policy of the Trust to ensure that no employee or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their: race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status, age, creed, colour, nationality, national origin or ethnic origin (whether actual or perceived) or on the grounds of their association with someone in one of these groups, nor is disadvantaged by any provision, criterion or practice which cannot be shown to be justified.
  8. Infection Control - As an employee or volunteer of the Central London Community Healthcare Trust, all staff/volunteers are expected to practice at all times in accordance with infection prevention and control standards specified in trust arrangements, policies and procedures and the Health Act (2006) Code of Practice for the prevention and control of health care associated infections.

Please note that MRSA is most commonly transmitted on the hands of health staff and survives in dust. Transmission can be greatly reduced by adherence to basic infection control measures such as hand washing before and after contact with each patient and general environmental cleanliness.

  1. Criminal Records Check - I understand that an employer/organisation on licensing authority can ask me (the volunteer) to apply for a DBS check if I am working in a position listed in the Exceptions Order to Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. I certify that information given to the Voluntary Services Department is true to the best of my knowledge, and understand that deliberate misrepresentation may result in disqualification or dismissal.
  2. Confidentiality - The professional relationship between doctor and patient is one in which confidential information is given, on the understanding that this information will not be misused. The law looks unfavourably on any breach of this professional confidence.

Obviously there are a number of people who require information about each patient, however, the principle of confidentiality remains the same.


On NO account should personal details, such as home addresses or telephone numbers, be given to enquirers. If they wish to contact a patient/staff who is at the hospital or has left, they should contact the PALS Office (Patient Advice & Liaison Service). Any other enquiries, please seek advice from Voluntary Services Manager.

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