Application Submission Instructions

By submitting an application (returning volunteers need not submit a new application) for Dayton Live’s Volunteer Program and attending a training session, you agree to the policies and procedures outlined below, during any and all trainings, and communicated via email or through our online scheduling system.



This outline and the training sessions describe important information about Dayton Live Front of House Operations. Please understand that you should consult with a House Manager or Patron Services Manager regarding any questions not answered in these resources. Since the information, policies, and benefits described here are subject to change, you acknowledge that revisions may occur. All such changes will be communicated through official notices, and you understand that revised information may supersede, modify or eliminate existing policies. You understand that you are subject to any amendments, deletions, and changes that may occur. Only the Dayton Live Patron Services Manager or Vice President Operations has the authority to adopt any revisions to the policies.



1. To read this outline and follow the policies and procedures presented in training and via other communications.

2. To meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in individual position descriptions.

3. To strive to give the highest quality performance while on duty.

4. To fulfill your commitment in a punctual, conscientious manner.

5. To accept supervision from Dayton Live management staff.

6. To remember that you are an ambassador of Dayton Live, and therefore will treat all guests in a courteous, professional manner.

7. To adhere to the Dayton Live dress code.

8. To fulfill any unique and special requirements that may arise during the year.

9. To attend retraining sessions when necessary.



1. Training opportunities and resources.

2. Free parking to volunteers when they are actively volunteering (when Arts Garage is open).

3. Continual updates and information about new developments.

4. Guidance and direction by management staff.

5. A method for volunteer suggestions and concerns.

6. Equal consideration and respect as co-workers in the performance of duties.

7. Recognition, opportunities to watch performances (when available), and continuous appreciation.

8. An opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for specific shows via Dayton Live’s Company Exclusive Offers (



At Dayton Live we recognize that the heart of an arts venue will always be the people we bring together and the experiences we share. We commit to serving and celebrating our community by ensuring inclusion regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, cognitive ability, or socioeconomic backgrounds.


Dayton Live is committed to equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. We have created a unique and collaborative committee made up of staff and board members to help shape how we live our EDIA values in everything we do – from hiring or volunteering to producing amazing entertainment to education opportunities for our community.



The uniform for Dayton Live volunteers, regardless of position, will be all black, business attire. Black pants or skirts with a black formal shirt as well as a black dress are acceptable. Some options for black shirts are button down, polo, sweater, or blouse. Sweaters and blouses do not need a collar, but polos or button-down shirts should have one. A black blazer or cardigan is acceptable, but not required. Black closed toed shoes are required for all performances. Socks are optional, but if worn, must be black as well.

Volunteers must also wear their Dayton Live nametag when serving as part of the team (received after attending training). For safety precautions, minimal jewelry should be worn as well; nothing long or dangling. Please keep perfume or cologne to a minimum to not cause any irritation with people who may be sensitive to smells.



Please bring limited items with you when volunteering. Purses (of any size), coats, jackets, umbrellas, should ALL be stored in the designated area (based on venue) and may not be kept on your person. This includes crossbody bags or clutches. These items can get caught on door handles, armrests or others and are not permitted while ushering.

Cell phones may not be used in view of patrons and should not be used during active ushering times(before a performance, during intermission, inside the house, or after a performance). If you need to contact someone or check messages during a shift, please speak with your House Assistant to have your position covered and step into an area not visible by patrons or outside.



To be considered an active member of the team, volunteers are required to work 20 shifts per year.  

House Managers, Assistants, and Bar Captains will do their absolute best to make sure volunteers have an opportunity to see most of a performance. However, this may not always be possible. There are some positions that will not be released until after the show begins and the late seating hold (if there is one) is completed. Please remain in your location until you have been released by your House Manager, Assistant, or Bar Captain.

In addition, your role extends past the end of a performance. Volunteers must resume duties (if applicable) at the end of the performance in their assigned position to express gratitude to our guests, answer questions, and help keep patrons safe. Your responsibilities are not finished until your area is clear of patrons and you have checked out with a House Manager, Assistant, or Bar Captain.

Please also note that seats will only be available for volunteers in certain locations and based on the seats sold for a given performance.



The Front of House volunteers are the only team guaranteed to interact with our patrons. You are the front lines of our organization and set the tone for all our guests.

  • Make eye contact and smile while greeting patrons
  • Be knowledgeable about Dayton Live, our programs, and our venues.
  • Provide immediate and effective service recovery. If you do not know the answer, find someone who does and follow up (most often your House Assistant or Manager).
  • Display appropriate body language.
  • Take pride in yourself and in the building
  • Care about every customer.



We are excited to start the 2021-2022 season fresh with new training and information for all our volunteers. If you can exemplify the information provided, we encourage you to sign up for one of the training sessions available for volunteers. Please make sure you are signing up for bartending, or ushering, or both if you would like to fulfill either roles. Bartending and ushering will be two separate sessions. If you choose to do both you will need to attend one of each.

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