The Ordway's policies for volunteering


The Ordway will complete its due diligence to provide volunteers with a safe and enjoyable volunteer experience. All volunteers can expect the following while volunteering at the Ordway;

  • Training: With the variety of volunteer opportunities the Ordway offers, volunteer training is primarily held the day that the volunteer arrives for their volunteer activity. Some events have training prior to the event, if training is offered prior to volunteer activities; date and time frame will be communicated ahead of time.
  • Clear communication and expectations: Before a volunteer begins their activity, they should receive clear expectations. If a volunteer feels they have not received proper direction, they should not hesitate to ask for further work direction or clarification on work direction.
  • Direct Supervisor: All volunteer activities have an appointed Ordway Staff member. This staff member becomes the volunteer’s primary line of communication for any questions or concerns.
  • Safe Work environment: The Ordway will make every reasonable attempt to provide volunteers with a safe and healthy place in which to volunteer. Further details on work place safety can be found in Workplace Safety.
  • Access to Backstage Areas: As a volunteer, your duties may require you to be backstage at the theater.   We ask if you are attending a performance or event, please use the Front Entrance of the Ordway.  In the event you would need to store personal items, please use the coat check. 
  • Professional Boundaries: As an Ordway Volunteer, you are expected to maintain professional boundaries with other volunteers, Ordway staff, performers, artists, and crew. 


Ordway Volunteer Attitude and Values

Volunteers are encouraged to ensure the Ordway is appropriately represented at all times, the following are values that volunteers should uphold to ensure the image of the Ordway is well represented in the community:

  • Communication: Ordway volunteers are committed to operating with a positive attitude and an open and honest flow of communication.
  • Respect: Ordway volunteers are committed to act with respect for themselves and those around them, this includes respecting diverse ideas and opinions.
  • Enthusiasm: Ordway volunteers are committed to taking initiative being proactive in order to achieve goals, and to working enthusiastically and in a collaborative and creative manner.
  • Integrity: Ordway volunteers are committed to representing the Ordway in a professional and responsible manner.



Different events require different attire. For example, at the Flint Hills Family Festival jeans and t-shirt are the expected attire for volunteers, whereas volunteering at the gala requires more formal evening attire. Attire expectations will be communicated to volunteers prior to events. If specific t-shirts or clothing is required, it is expected that volunteers will wear the requested attire to match the needs of the event. Please direct concerns on attire to the Volunteer Manager.



Different volunteer events have different punctuality expectations. If a volunteer shift has a specific time frame, a volunteer is expected to arrive on time and remain for the duration of their volunteer shift. If a volunteer is either unable to get to the volunteer activity on time, or must be absent due to unavoidable circumstances, you must notify the Volunteer Manager as far in advance as possible.


Absenteeism or tardiness that is unexcused or excessive, in the sole judgment of the Ordway, may be discussed and addressed with the volunteer and it may prohibit future volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer Entrance for the Ordway Facility


Volunteers (while on duty) must enter and exit through the Stage Door on the Fifth Street side of the building and sign in and out, upon entering and leaving. The Ordway facility includes both the Music Theatre and Concert Hall. Volunteers should not enter the Ordway through the front entrance while volunteering, unless otherwise specified.


Landmark Center

Occasional volunteer opportunities will be held at the Ordway’s office location. Volunteers for these events will be given specific instructions on where to enter the building for each volunteer activity.


Patron Services and First Aid Kits

The Patron Services room is located in the main lobby of the Music Theater. In addition to providing First Aid assistance, this office also provides infra-red hearing devices, wheelchair transportation, large-print programs and Braille programs for most performances at the Ordway.


First Aid kits are placed in the following locations in the theater: crew break room Music Theater  backstage; Music Theater stage manager’s console; security office at Stage Door; Patron Services room; carpentry shop on wall; Box Office ante room; and engineer’s office. In the Towers offices, the First Aid kit is located in the kitchen.


Offsite Volunteer Events

There are occasional volunteer opportunities at locations other than the Ordway’ locations. Volunteers are expected to operate in the same manner they would if they were at an onsite volunteer activity. It is entirely the volunteer’s responsibility to arrange for transportation to and from these events.



The protection of confidential information is vital to the integrity and success of the Ordway. If a volunteer is dealing with information that is deemed confidential, the volunteer will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Internet Access

Internet access must be used only for activities that are related directly to Ordway business.   Improper usage of the Internet will result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate removal.


Social Media

Volunteers are encouraged to ensure the Ordway is appropriately represented at all times, this includes in all forms of marketing and social media. The Ordway reserves the right to take immediate action if in appropriate usage is discovered.



Volunteers are expected to adhere to Ordway’s policies, practices, and standards of performance. Any violation by a volunteer of the policies set forth in this manual or order issued by a supervisor or manager will result in disciplinary measures, up to and including the dismissal of the volunteer, as deemed appropriate by the Ordway.



Background Check

In order to protect the safety of Ordway employees, volunteers and customers and to protect the assets of the business, background checks will be conducted on all volunteers. We will conduct the background check in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


If there is any substantive information included in the background check received, the Volunteer Manager along with the appropriate Ordway personnel will, in their sole discretion, determine the relevance of such information to the position’s responsibilities.


Having a criminal history, a criminal conviction, or a motor vehicle violation does not necessarily preclude volunteer opportunity at the Ordway. The nature of the offense, the circumstances surrounding it and its relevance to a particular opportunity are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


All decisions relating to the background check received shall be made in Ordway’s sole discretion.


Once a volunteer has completed a background check, they will not need to complete additional background check unless their volunteer status becomes inactive. If a volunteer does not complete a volunteer activity for 18 months, a volunteer is considered inactive.


Child Protection Policy


The terms “youth,” “child,” and “children” when used in these policies means anyone under 18 years of age. The term “Ordway Worker(s)” when used in these policies shall include an employee, volunteer, independent contractor, or employee providing work or services for the Ordway.


Prohibition against Abuse and Misconduct

The Ordway is committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of youth and children who visit the Ordway or participate in Ordway-related programs. As such, the Ordway specifically prohibits any abuse or misconduct toward youth and children, and requires the prompt reporting of any such abuse or misconduct.


Background Checks in Accordance with Ordway’s other Policies and Practices

Any Ordway Worker who works directly with children and youth at the Ordway or in any Ordway-related program will be subject to a background check in accordance with the Ordway’s practices and policies.


Rule of 3

One-on-one contact between an Ordway Worker and a youth or child is not permitted at any time on Ordway property or when engaged in Ordway business. Rather, Ordway follows the “Rule of 3.” When a child or youth is involved, there must always be at least three people present (e.g., two or more children and one adult, or two or more adults and one child).


Personal Relationships are Prohibited

A romantic or sexual relationship (whether believed to be mutual or not) between an Ordway Worker and a youth or child is absolutely prohibited. Likewise, after work hours contact between an Ordway Worker and a youth or child participating in an Ordway program is prohibited.


Reporting Policy

The law designates certain individuals as “mandated reporters.” Mandated reporters have an individual duty to report known or suspected abuse or neglect relating to youth and children. In accordance with Ordway policy, all Ordway Workers, regardless of “mandated reporter” status, are required to report any known or suspected abuse or neglect relating to youth and children. Two reports must be made in such cases.


A report must be made to the Chief Financial Officer or the Vice President of Education. A report must also be made to the local county welfare agency or the police department. Such reports should be made as soon as the information is received. Mandated reporters must notify the local county welfare agency, the Department of Human Services, or the police department within at least 24 hours, and must file a written report within 72 hours after the oral report.


The Ordway is obligated to protect the right to privacy for both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator. Therefore, do not discuss the situation with anyone other than the appropriate professionals (e.g., child protection, local law enforcement) and your supervisor or, in the case of an independent contractor or volunteer, your point of contact at the Ordway. All information regarding alleged child abuse or neglect is on a strict need-to-know basis.


Ordway will not retaliate against anyone for making a good faith report under this policy or against a youth or child with regard to whom a report is made because of the report.


Conflict of Interest

The Ordway requires its volunteers to avoid any relationship or activity that might create a conflict between his or her personal interest and the interest of the Ordway in its business development or dealings.


The Ordway requires its employees and volunteers to adhere to strict standards of loyalty and ethics in avoiding situations that might prejudice, or be perceived as prejudicing, their actions or judgment in handling the Ordway’s business.



The Ordway will make every reasonable attempt to provide volunteers with a safe and healthy place in which to volunteer. Every reasonable effort will be made to create and maintain an environment that stresses accident prevention, fire protection, and health preservation for volunteers, employees, clients, and patrons of the Ordway.


Injury while Volunteering

Should you become injured while volunteering please notify your staff contact and/or the Volunteer Manager immediately. 


Drug and alcohol free

It is the policy of the Ordway to provide all of our volunteers with a safe and productive environment. A drug and alcohol free work environment is important because any drug or alcohol in a person’s body can cause some degree of impairment, even if that impairment is not readily apparent to the user or an observer. Being drug and alcohol free is a qualification for all volunteer assignments. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action.


Smoke-Free Building

The Ordway provides a smoke-free environment for all employees, volunteers, and patrons. Smoking is not allowed in either of the Ordway’s office spaces, the theater lobby or the outside stairs leading to the Stage Door. Smoking is allowed on the loading dock in the designated area only. When smoking on the loading dock, do not put cigarette butts, or trash of any kind in the recycling containers. Smoking in this area will only be allowed as long as no security, cleanliness or accessibility issues arise.


Prohibition on Weapons and Firearms in the Workplace

As part of the Ordway’s safety policy and plan, the Ordway prohibits weapons and firearms in the workplace, and restricts employees and volunteers, including permit holders, from carrying or possessing weapons or firearms while acting in the course and scope of employment or volunteering, with the exception of specific security personnel as identified by the Ordway who will be required to have valid permits and carry firearms to fulfill their specific job responsibilities.



In accordance with this practice, it is the Ordway’s policy to provide its volunteers and employees with a workplace free from any form of harassment based upon any of the above classifications. Harassment on the basis of any of these classifications in any manner or form is expressly prohibited. All claims of harassment will be investigated promptly and thoroughly. Employees or volunteers who violate the Ordway’s no-harassment policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination or dismissal.


Harassment includes verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual due to any of the classifications described in Section 1.1. Harassing conduct can include verbal or physical conduct that: (1) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment; (2) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance; or (3) otherwise adversely affects an individual’s employment opportunities.


Although harassment based on any of the above classifications will not be tolerated, the Ordway recognizes that sexual harassment is a unique form of harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

  • submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment;
  • submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for an employment decision affecting such individual; or
  • such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.


Sexual harassment does not refer to behavior or occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. It refers to unwelcome conduct that is personally offensive, that fails to respect the rights of others, and, therefore, that interferes with effectiveness at work. Sexual harassment may take the form of a demand for sexual favors, but there are other forms of harassment, including:

  • Verbal: Sexual innuendo, suggestive comments, sexual propositions, or jokes of a sexual nature.
  • Non-verbal: Sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or obscene gestures.
  • Physical: Unwanted physical contact.


To avoid the potential for the creation of an unproductive work environment, the Ordway discourages even consenting romantic or sexual relationships between employees when there is any supervisor/subordinate relationship between them. The existence of any such relationship can cause friction in the workplace, and the dissolution of such a relationship can be quite disruptive to productivity. Any such relationship reflects on the judgment of the employees, particularly the supervisor. When employees become involved in consenting romantic or sexual relationships with other employees in which a supervisor/subordinate relationship exists or is created, the Ordway will attempt to transfer one or both employees out of that supervisor/subordinate relationship. If a transfer is not feasible or is refused, the supervisor in the supervisor/ subordinate relationship will be terminated.    


Reporting Concerns

Notification: Any volunteer who feels he or she has been subjected to or has witnessed any kind of harassment or discrimination described in this policy should immediately notify his or her supervisor, a member of management or Human Resources. In the event that the harasser is the employee’s supervisor, or the employee does not feel comfortable notifying his or her supervisor, he or she should notify Human Resources. The Ordway will not tolerate conduct by any individual that prevents or discourages an employee or volunteer from reporting any discrimination or harassment as defined in this policy.


Investigation of the Incident: All complaints will be handled in a timely manner and will be kept confidential to the extent possible. An investigation, which may include interviews with the employee or volunteer making the charge, the accused employee or volunteer, and any witnesses, will be conducted. In no event will the Ordway release information concerning a complaint to third parties or to anyone who is not involved with the investigation, unless otherwise required by law.


Disciplinary Action: If the investigation reveals that the complaint is valid, prompt disciplinary action designed to immediately stop the harassment and to prevent its recurrence will be taken, up to and including termination of employment and/or dismissal of the volunteer.


Open Door Policy

It is the Ordway’s belief that all employees, volunteers and contractors should be able to seek fair resolution of any work-related problem.


A volunteer should first discuss such an issue with the Volunteer Manager. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the Volunteer Manager, the employee may schedule a meeting with the next level manager in an effort to find a solution. If the employee still feels that a satisfactory answer has not been reached, he or she may address the issue with any other manager s/he believes can assist or with Human Resources.

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