Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Waiver & Release

West End Seniors' Network (WESN) is a non-profit organization  that inspires and supports older adults to live involved, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

As a WESN volunteer, you agree to:

  • Complete the volunteer onboarding process (application, CRC, confidentiality, reference checks) prior to starting your placement
  • Submit a criminal record check form
  • Share your skills, ideas, time and enthusiasm within this organization and the community, and to engage in all activities during your volunteer placement
  • Agree that your participation at WESN is voluntary and arrived at consensually between you and the WESN’s staff
  • Perform duties as described in the volunteer position description to the best of your abilities following the organizations rules, policies and procedures
  • Refuse to perform any activity which you feel is dangerous to you, is beyond your capability, or may cause injury to others
  • Authorize the use of your name and photographs for promotional purposes
  • Authorize WESN to add your information on to Better Impact software, a program used for volunteer management
  • Receive emails from WESN


WESN must comply with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act. WESN has policies and procedures regarding the privacy, confidentiality, and security of member, board, client, volunteer and staff information. Volunteers are expected to use discretion in discussing all matters, both professional and personal, related to WESN. All matters and information pertaining to the members, clients, volunteers and staff that has been gained within the organization must be treated as confidential. WESN will not distribute contact information of volunteers without their permission

Money and Gifts

Volunteers must not accept payment of any kind for their volunteer work, or borrow anything from members, clients, customers or staff. Small token gifts or gestures of appreciation (for example, a coffee, lunch or WESN yearly appreciation events) may be accepted.

Conflict of Interest

Volunteers are not permitted to conduct independent business on WESN premises, including solicitation of staff or volunteers. Volunteers must not sell goods or services to members, clients, customers or staff, or encourage them to purchase any products or services.


Volunteers are not expected to incur out-of-pocket expenses during the course of their volunteer work. The volunteer should contact their direct manager for authorization before incurring any expenses. The volunteer must provide receipts or other appropriate documentation of all expenses for reimbursement.

Telephone Guidelines

Volunteers are advised to use your discretion when giving out personal telephone number or any other information to clients, members, or customers. Messages can be relayed through WESN staff if necessary.

(TIP) *72 entered prior to the number you call will block your own phone number and maintain your privacy.


Volunteers may not take relatives or friends to your place of volunteering without first consulting their direct manager.

Office, Staff and Supplies

Staff, offices, supplies and equipment at Barclay Manor and Kay’s Place are in place to support programs, events, and the members of WESN. Individuals working on personal or private projects unrelated to the day-to-day activities, and/or the mandate of WESN are not permitted to use WESN offices, supplies, equipment or staff. WESN kindly asks individuals working on private or personal projects to make other arrangements for their office needs. 


Any activity involving the media should be referred to the Executive Director. Volunteers may not engage in any media interviews without prior approval of the Executive Director.


When a volunteer resigns, all WESN’s assets, cash and goods must be returned. An exit interview is available and encouraged; it provides a feedback system for comments and concerns regarding the volunteer experience.

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