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What is CJSW? What does it stand for? What will I be doing?

CJSW is a campus and community non-profit radio station, broadcasting out of MacEwan Hall at the University of Calgary. We’re almost entirely run by volunteers, doing anything from making buttons to DJing live on air. Every person you hear on our station is a volunteer sharing what they love with the world!

The name CJSW is our radio call sign, assigned to us when we got our license to broadcast. Every radio station broadcasting legally in Canada has one of these unique 4 letter call signs, for all we know it could mean Cool Jester Slurping Worms!

When you start volunteering with us, what you do will be up to you! BetterImpact allows you to sign up for shifts doing whatever task strikes your fancy, as long as you are qualified for it. You can learn to process CD’s for the library, wash records, review music or even volunteer at concerts and events. As you continue to volunteer, opportunities will arise to be trained in producing station content and going on live air. What you do here depends on what interests you.


What will CJSW do with my information?

This application form helps us get to know you better. We keep these forms on file after you're accepted as a volunteer, so that we always have a quick reference to know a little bit about who you are and what makes you special. If you have concerns or need clarification on any of these application questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Christy Thompson, at


Why does CJSW ask about my gender pronouns?

As an organization, we strive to foster an inclusive environment for folks of all backgrounds. Rather than assuming we know your background or identify, we'd like to ask you.

Please note: we recognize that identities may change throughout time. If that's the case for you, we can always update your volunteer profile once you’ve started to represent your preferred identity.


Does completing an application form guarantee that I will be accepted as a CJSW volunteer?

There’s always room for another helping hand at CJSW! We generally accept anyone who has an interest in volunteering with us.

Periodically, we host information sessions about volunteering at CJSW and let people tour the station. Coming to one of these events will give you the opportunity to meet the CJSW crew before you commit to volunteering with us. This is a great chance to meet everybody and see if volunteering at CJSW is something you would enjoy.


I have a great idea for a radio program! Do you have any openings in your schedule?

Because there’s only 24 hours in a day, we have very few openings and we are currently prioritizing spots on the radio for current volunteers. We encourage all of our volunteers who aspire to become programmers to focus on getting involved with the CJSW community and contribute to the station in other ways. If this sounds interesting to you, fill out an application form! We'll talk more about the process for becoming a volunteer DJ (and other amazing volunteer opportunities) at the information session.


What's the next step after I submit my application?

Please be patient! Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation from the Better Impact system. The next time that we have an information session coming up, a live human will be in touch to invite you to check out the station!


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