Change Makers Induction and Policy

Change Makers – Induction and Policy


Hello to you, our brand new Change Maker!


Thank you for signing up to get involved to help change and shape the community we are a part of, whether it is here in South Australia or globally around the world! There are a few ways this program works to connect our volunteers with opportunities in the community, but first a real quick intro about us, the Adelaide University Union (AUU).  The AUU is run by students, for students, and provides a range of services on campus such as Student Care, Events, Employment Services and of course our Volunteer programs. It is largely due to volunteers like yourself that we can deliver the many events that make your life on campus vibrant and fun. We have a few volunteer programs we run, our on-campus U-Crew program and our community focused Change Makers Program.


We hope that you have a great experience volunteering with us through our Change Makers program! We aim to liaise with like-minded organizations in the broader community to provide you with opportunities that give you the warm and fuzzies, and do some good. We try to make it as fun as possible, but there are some serious things to consider, to keep you and everyone around you safe.  Depending on the listed opportunity and the organisation you are volunteering for, your contact will also run you through how to safely complete your particular duties along with any specific policies of procedures.  If there’s anything you’re not clear about, you can reach out to our team at


As our Change Makers program is connecting you with other organisations, we expect organisations to operate under the following premises. We also encourage you to request the following when undertaking physical work with an external group:


  • Provide induction, information, training (and where appropriate, opportunities for ongoing training) and assistance for you as a volunteer to be able to meet the responsibilities of your role;
  • Providing a healthy and safe workplace environment and appropriate insurance coverage
  • Interviewing and employing volunteers in accordance with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation and protecting volunteer information in accordance with privacy laws;
  • Offering volunteers opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations;
  • Defining volunteer roles and job descriptions;
  • Treating volunteers as valuable team members and where appropriate, providing opportunities for volunteers to participate in decision making on issues that affect their work;
  • Assigning adequate levels of support and management for volunteers;
  • Ensuring volunteer activities complement, but do not undermine or replace the work of paid staff.
  • Provide feedback to volunteers and verification of their volunteer hours


Workplace Health and Safety


All workers and all volunteers have workplace health and safety responsibilities. For volunteers, the responsibilities include:

  • Participating in workplace specific inductions as instructed by their Supervisor;
  • Complying with instructions given by their Supervisor;
  • Reporting any hazards identified to their supervisor using the appropriate form;
  • Participating in risk assessments as directed by their Supervisor to eliminate or minimise risks at the workplace;
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment as required after being properly instructed in its use;
  • Not recklessly interfering with or misusing anything provided for workplace health and safety at the workplace;
  • Not willfully placing at risk the workplace health and safety of themselves or any person.

Your Responsibilities to Others

You must always take reasonable care for your own safety.  Just as importantly, you must take reasonable care for the safety of those around you – including the people you engage with at your volunteering opportunities like staff, fellow volunteers and the public.  While we want you to have fun whilst volunteering, make sure you do it in a safe way otherwise you may be asked to finish your work with an organisation and may not be accepted for future volunteering opportunities.


Volunteers are to record their attendance in the appropriate register at the commencement of each volunteer shift or activity, this is for your own benefit so you can report back on your Adelaide Graduate Awards or just see the time you’ve spent doing good! If you would like to track your hours with supporting evidence through Better Impact, this is possible through your profile, if you need support please email and we can help you with this. If you are unable to attend a rostered shift, you should provide as much notice as possible to your supervisor. We promote our volunteers as valuable assets to the community and you truly are! It is important when signing up for opportunities to realise that community groups may be relying upon your awesome work to keep their services operating, so please be considerate and only sign up for shifts you are committed to volunteer at.



Organisations will have their own policies regarding smoking whilst undertaking volunteer work with them. If you are a smoker, please be courteous and ask your supervisor about a smoke break.  Volunteers must not be intoxicated while performing their duties.



Alcohol/ Drugs

Whilst volunteering for the Change Makers program we have a strict no-alcohol and drug policy that we request volunteers respect and adhere to. Whilst volunteering in the community, Change Maker volunteers are representing the University of Adelaide and so we ask that no alcohol or illicit drugs are consumed during any shifts. If breach of this is reported by any organisation, our team will follow up and further opportunities may not be available to these individuals.



Individual organisations will advise you of any clothing requirements prior to your shift. If you are unsure, you can ask your supervisor. We suggest you wear closed toe footwear to shifts to ensure you don’t miss out on being involved in any aspects of your shift due to OH&S requirements.



Harassment in the workplace is an action either obvious or indirect, physical or verbal, that is aimed at another person and results in that person having a perception of being badgered; discriminated against; pestered; tormented; irritated; or molested.  Any volunteer reported by supervisors or fellow volunteers to be engaging in harassing behaviour will be questioned and asked to end their work with an organisation.


If you feel as though you are being harassed in your volunteer environment we urge you to please report this to the AUU Volunteer team via If it so important that you as a volunteer feel safe and comfortable during these opportunities so please advise if you feel anything other than wonderful throughout this program. We will be seeking feedback on your experiences with external organisations so please give us your honest feedback so we can help to tailor your and other student’s volunteering experiences.


Your confidentiality

You are required to respect confidentiality and not to discuss sensitive or confidential information outside the office/work area.



Volunteers may withdraw their services at any time; however providing us your supervisors with as much notice as possible will assist the smooth running shift swaps to support their operations. Your supervisors may also advise you at any time that your services as a volunteer are no longer required.


Incident Reporting

If you notice anything unsafe, or if you are injured or witness a ‘near miss’ (where you or someone else could have been injured), report this to your supervisor immediately.  Also let us know via so we can make sure volunteer opportunities are safe for all students in our program. 


Risk Assessment

In particular circumstances, risk management plans are in place to ensure your safety. These plans will have been devised by individual organisations and there may be some areas that are relevant to the work you are undertaking.  It is very important to comply with safety directions provided to you by your supervisor to ensure your safety at all times. If the activity you are undertaking requires use of personal protective equipment, your supervisor will advise and your induction should include instruction on the use of this equipment, if not, please ask your supervisor! You must use personal protective equipment provided if instructed to do so.


General Safety Tips

We understand that your experiences volunteering across so many wonderful organisations will be different and varied. In order to give you some general advice, we have put together some quick safety tips for you:

  • Keep all corridors, passageways, storeroom, and service areas clear of debris, boxes and storage. Never block these areas, even temporarily.
  • Wipe up spills immediately, if a spill is too large to clean up quickly, contact your supervisor
  • When stacking / storing, store heaviest items on the bottom and do not stack anything above shoulder height.
  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Wear appropriate shoes – must be closed toe.
  • Never use a chair as a ladder.
  • Do not perform any work you consider potentially dangerous to yourself or fellow workers/volunteers.
  • Do not use any defective equipment, worn electrical wiring or overload power outlets.


Manual Handling



  • Manual handling injuries are too common, so it is important to lift correctly, and seek assistance if an item is too heavy for you to lift on your own.
  • Assess the load – is it too heavy to move on your own?
  • Put your feet a shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your knees until you are level with the item
    • Do NOT bend your back.
  • Get a firm grip on the item.
  • Straighten up by straightening your legs
  • You will know if you are doing this right because you will feel it in the back of your thighs, not your back.



Thanks so much for your time undertaking this quick overview, you’re now ready to dive in and get some volunteer hours under your belt! If you have any questions please get in touch with our team at 


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