Heartland Film Volunteer Agreement

 Heartland Film Volunteer Agreement 


Heartland Film values its volunteers.  Without volunteers, we could not achieve our mission to inspire filmmakers and audiences through the transformative power of film. Because the success of our mission depends upon the cooperation and participation of so many volunteers, and because each volunteer is entitled to respect, the following policy has been adopted: 


Heartland Film will not permit physical or verbal abuse of others, abusive or threatening behavior, discrimination, insubordination, intentional damage to property, possession of weapons, possession or use of controlled substances or abuse of alcohol on Heartland Film premises or during Heartland Film events.  


The Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator of Heartland Film is responsible for the administration of this policy. 


We ask that all volunteers commit to the following: 


  • I understand that as a volunteer, I will be representing Heartland Film to the public. While I am a volunteer for this organization, I agree to act in the best interests of Heartland Film. 
  • I understand that if I am under the age of 17, a parent/guardian will be required to volunteer with me during my shifts.
  • I understand that Heartland Film relies on each volunteer to keep their commitments for their scheduled shifts. I understand that volunteers are to notify Heartland Film at least 24 hours in advance of cancellations, except in the event of emergencies. 
  • I agree to work in a professional manner alongside any Heartland Film staff or volunteers which are assigned to me. If I am not able to do so, I understand this may result in disciplinary action.
  • To the best of my ability, I will follow all instructions given me by Heartland Film staff. 
  • I will arrive promptly for my scheduled shifts. If I am not able to arrive promptly, I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • I agree to perform the duties for my assigned role to the best of my ability. 
  • I agree to treat Heartland Film customers, staff, and other volunteers and supporters professionally and courteously. 
  • If I am assigned to a role that handles cash, I agree to handle the organization’s cash responsibly and honestly. 
  • I agree to immediately report any potential safety hazards, incidents or accidents to 

Heartland Film staff. 

  • I agree to stay home if I am sick.  
  • I agree to follow basic health guidelines, which include positive body odor, clean clothes, and   good hygiene habits.
  • I agree to wear appropriate clothing that permits me to work safely, including comfortable, professional shoes. I will follow the dress code established by the Volunteer Coordinator, which may include specific dress code guidelines for specific Heartland Film events. 
  • I understand that volunteering while under the influence of alcohol or other illegal 

substances is not acceptable, and I will not consume any such substances while on duty as a Heartland Film volunteer. 

  • I understand that inappropriate remarks or behavior toward Heartland Film staff, volunteers, 

or patrons will not be tolerated.  

  • I will respect guidelines for volunteer behavior when I attend films outside of my 

scheduled volunteer shifts. 

  • My work with Heartland Film is strictly voluntary, and while I can enjoy the benefits of 

volunteering as stated in the Volunteer Handbook, I understand that volunteering is not 

for pay, and does not imply the promise of an offer of employment. 

  • I understand that failure to comply with this Agreement, the policies in the Volunteer 

Handbook, and the instructions of Heartland Film staff will result in discontinuation 

of my role as a volunteer. 


Heartland Film commits to the following: 

  • To provide adequate information and training so you may meet the expectations as described in your volunteer role description. 
  • To explain what is required of you and to provide encouragement to help you achieve the desired results. 
  • To assign you a named supervisor who will provide you with regular support and supervision. 
  • To treat you with respect and courtesy at all times. 
  • To be receptive to any comments and feedback from all our volunteers. 
  • To value and recognize our volunteers as a significant resource in achieving the goals of our organization. 
  • To provide you with specific, informative, and prompt feedback regarding your performance as a volunteer, particularly in the event it does not meet the expectations heretofore set forth.


This volunteer agreement is binding in honor only, and is not intended to be a legally binding contract between the volunteer and the organization. Neither party intends any employment relationship to be created now or at any time in the future. This agreement may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. 


I have read and understand the Heartland Film Volunteer Agreement. I hereby release Heartland Film and its staff from any and all liability for loss, damage, injury or illness to any person or property which may be incurred through participation in the Heartland Film’s Volunteer Program. I understand that I have the option of refusing to perform any work task which I feel may be unsafe or have the potential for personal harm, and that it is my responsibility to make such a determination. 

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