BCWF Volunteer Policies

1. INTENT – The BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) is committed to recognizing, supporting and enhancing the involvement and contribution of volunteers in delivering the programs and services of the Federation. This Policy applies to BCWF office, program and event volunteers and does not apply to BCWF Board members or club/region volunteers.
(i) Orientation – Providing information to a volunteer about the program, committee, or department they will be involved in; providing them with an overview of the BCWF and our code of conduct.
(ii) Screening – The ongoing process designed to identify any person who may not be the right fit for the organization. Screening protects members, staff and the BCWF overall and ensures the right people take on responsibilities that suit them best.
(iii) Training – A learning process, during which time an individual is taught specific skills which will assist them in performing their duties.
(iv) Volunteering – The most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society; it is offering time, energy, and skills of one’s own free will.
(v) Volunteers – Individuals, who through volunteering, contribute to supporting an environment and culture. Volunteers provide service and leadership for effective delivery of programs and services. Volunteers do not receive a salary or wage for this service but may be reimbursed for reasonable, pre-approved expenses.
(i) Achieving the BCWF Vision & Strategic Goals
• BCWF endorses volunteer programs which support the achievement of the Federation’s Vision and Mission. (Vision: Leading the conservation and wise use of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife and habitat.)
• The Federation’s Strategic Goals –
o Promote British Columbian’s use and enjoyment of fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation.
o Become the recognized, credible leader of conservation of the province’s fish and wildlife resources.
o Conduct strategic, effective and efficient business practices to ensure the BCWF is operationally and financially healthy to serve it’s members
(ii) Recognition for Volunteers Contribution – The Federation will recognize interests and contributions of volunteers and provide recognition to volunteers in exchange for their time, talents, and skills.
(iii) Healthy Workplace for the Volunteer
• BCWF acknowledges its obligation to provide a healthy and safe environment for all volunteers, participants and staff. Each volunteer will receive training from an appropriate staff person and will be provided with appropriate information to perform their assignments safely.
• A volunteer who cannot carry out regular duties effectively or safely may be re- assigned or asked to withdraw from volunteer activities until other work is available or the individual is able to carry out the activities.
(iv) Screening Standards
• BCWF will ensure compliance with the BCWF Human Resources Manual.
• BCWF will ensure compliance with the Labour Standards of BC.
• BCWF will ensure that informed decisions, based on appropriate background information concerning volunteers, are made.
• BCWF is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for everyone involved in the Federation. To ensure a mutually beneficial experience for volunteers and the BCWF and the safety of participants, all potential volunteers may be screened before they can be accepted and placed within the Federation.
• Any costs associated with the volunteer screening process will be covered by the BCWF.
(v) Training & Orientation – Volunteers will receive training and orientation to carry out the responsibility of their position and to enhance the experience of volunteering. Training will provide the volunteer with specific knowledge, skills and support to perform their role effectively.
(vi) Resolution of Issues
• Every effort will be made to resolve issues amicably and co-operatively. Volunteers have the right to address concerns with their supervisor or with a designated person within the BCWF, in accordance with the BCWF Human Resources Manual.
• The BCWF reserves the right to terminate the volunteer at any time.
• The Volunteer reserves the right to terminate their volunteer work at any time.
(vii) Confidentiality
• Volunteers are expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of information about members, volunteers, and staff gained through the role or presence as a volunteer within the BCWF. Volunteers may be asked to sign an Oath of Confidentiality.
• The BCWF will maintain confidentiality of information about the volunteer, including but not limited to information gathered during the application and screening process.
• All records collected during the screen process will be kept confidential and stored in accordance with the BCWF Privacy Policy. These records will only be accessed and used by staff members responsible for the volunteer program. The records will be stored in a secure location.
4. REVIEW – The BCWF Volunteer Policy will be reviewed periodically by the BCWF Board of Directors to ensure the needs of volunteers and the BCWF are being met. Adjustments will be made as required.
The BC Wildlife Federation values and respects the contribution of all our volunteers in whatever capacity they may fulfill.  We realize that the work done by volunteers is essential
to the functioning of our Federation, and without their efforts, our Federation’s capacity would not be realized.
The aim of the BCWF Volunteer Policy is to ensure:
• BCWF commits to providing a safe and supportive environment for all volunteers.
• The work of BCWF volunteers is recognized by BCWF staff and volunteer co- ordinators and the volunteers, in turn, feel appreciated for their work.
• A well-defined protocol is applied for volunteer in-take and engagement among various types of volunteers which reflects their level of involvement and ongoing support.

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