I understand that The Salvation Army, a religious and charitable organization, requires the assistance of volunteers in the conduct of its various spiritual and social programs. It is my desire to serve as a volunteer to further the work of The Salvation Army.

I hereby freely and voluntarily, without duress, execute the Release under the following terms:

  1. Release: It is my desire to serve as a volunteer and/or accompany other volunteers to further the work of The Salvation Army. I acknowledge that I am acting as a volunteer and undertake to perform said services without compensation and not as an employee of The Salvation Army. I understand that if I am or become a resident of any of The Salvation Army shelters, I cannot render my services as a volunteer. As a volunteer, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors administrators and assigns, forever indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Salvation Army and all of its officers, agents and employees, acting officially or otherwise, from any litigation, causes of action, damages, costs and expenses of every kind and character (including attorneys’ fees) for, on account of death or in connection with any personal injury, damage or loss of any kind or character to person or property suffered by me as a volunteer in connection with or with regard to the rendering of service to The Salvation Army.
  2. Confidentiality: I understand that I may be doing volunteer services which involve personal and confidential materials, formal or informal conversations, and/or documents, and that all such information must be treated with strict confidentiality including names or details of clients. I will not share or discuss such matters with anyone, either inside or outside The Salvation Army.
  3. Discrimination: Volunteers are accepted without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.
  4. Behavior: Volunteers disruptive of the mission of The Salvation Army will be terminated.
  5. Smoking Policy: No smoking allowed inside any Salvation Army facility, including lounges or vehicles.
  6. Drug/Alcohol Use: No drugs or alcohol use is allowed before or during your volunteer service.
  7. Sexual Harassment: The Salvation Army does not tolerate any questionable acts that are constituted as sexual harassment. Any incidents should be reported to the Volunteer Coordinator or Authorized Representative immediately. If you are accused of sexual harassment in any form, the situation will be investigated, and your volunteer status will be reevaluated based on that investigation.
  8. Expenses: No reimbursement will be paid to volunteers for any reason. Any supplies required for a specific project must be coordinated through Salvation Army staff.
  9. Termination: Violation of these policies and procedures will be cause for termination of your service as a volunteer.
  10. Publication: I certify that I am at 18 years of age and having the right to contract in my own name and to the extent herein set forth. I hereby irrevocably grant to The Salvation Army, its successors and assigns, its agents and those by whom it is commissioned, the absolute, unrestricted and unlimited license, right, permission, and consent to use and reuse, disseminate, copyright, print, reproduce, publish and republish, for any and all trade purposes or commercial or other advertising or public purposes, and in any and all advertising, publicity, display, publication or media, my name, signature and likeness, and any portraits, pictures, photographic prints or other representations of me, or in which I may appear, or any reproductions or sketches thereof or parts thereof, photographic or otherwise, with such additions, deletions, alterations or changes therein as you in your discretion may make, either separately or together with my name or a fictitious name, or the name of another person, with or without any statements or testimonials made by me, or authorized by me which you may, in your discretion, prepare for use in connection therewith. I warrant that I have not limited or restricted the use of my name or photograph to the use of any organization or person. I hereby grant unrestricted use of audio tracks or text by The Salvation Army for such purposes as The Salvation Army may deem appropriate. I hereby release and discharge The Salvation Army, it successors, assigns and agents from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of any of the foregoing, including any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy or violation of any statutory right.
  11. Background Check: I understand I may be asked to authorize a background check and/or credit check if requested. I am willing to authorize this. 

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