Kilties Code of Conduct

Kilties Code of Conduct

Volunteers do not follow the same policies as paid staff members and so a Kilties Code of Conduct is required to outline the behaviours expected of all Kiltwalk volunteers. By volunteering in accordance with the Code of Conduct, all Kilties are contributing to the overall values of the Kiltwalk and ultimately, the overall success of the Kiltwalk. 

All Kilties will need to make themselves aware of the Code of Conduct and if a volunteer is ever unsure of whether an action they are about to undertake is going to breech The Kilties Code of Conduct then they should consult their Team Leader.

  1. Health & Safety

Kiltwalk is committed to providing a safe and harm free environment for everyone involved. It is essential that Health & Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in everything they do.

All Kilties must ensure that they perform their role in the way that they are trained to do so and if any Kiltie is unsure about being able to perform any task in a safe and controlled manner, it is essential that this is reported to a Team Leader. Please always consider the potential impact of what you are doing on yourself as well as others and don’t complete any tasks that you feel are unsafe. 

  1. Respect, Dignity & Equality

Discrimination can take two forms, direct and indirect. Direct discrimination is when two people are in the same circumstances but one person is treated more or less favourably than the other(s). Indirect discrimination is when the same condition is applied to everyone across the board but the nature of the condition means that a proportion of the group cannot comply with the condition. Kiltwalk will take any reports of direct or indirect discrimination very seriously and will fully investigate these allegations.

Every Kiltie selected to be part of the Kiltwalk has the responsibility to ensure that Kiltwalk's environment is a harassment and discrimination free environment where everyone is treated with equality, dignity and respect at all times. In return the staff team will ensure that all Kilties are treated in the same way throughout their role.

If a Kiltie identifies that a situation is occurring that breeches this statement above, it is important to ensure that a Team Leader is notified immediately. All allegations relating to discrimination or harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated by the Kiltwalk. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout and the situation will be dealt with accordingly. 

  1. Time Commitment

Kiltwalk is very grateful for the time commitment that each and every Kiltie puts in to make the events a success. It is expected that every volunteer will turn up to their shift on time and in the Kilties uniform provided. If an individual is going to be late or absent, it is important the Volunteer Manager is contacted and made aware of this to ensure every role is covered on event days.

Please plan sufficient time to get to the designated meeting point on event days and ensure you turn up in time for the pre shift volunteer briefing.

Kiltwalk is aware that due to unforeseen circumstances Kilties may need to withdraw themselves from their role, in this circumstance it is important that the Volunteer Manager is notified at the earliest possible point to ensure alternative arrangements can be made. 

  1. Confidential Information

As a Kiltie, it might be possible that you have access to confidential information, it is essential that this information is never disclosed or discussed, even after any involvement with the Kiltwalk is over. 

  1. Contact with the Media

All requests from the media should be politely declined by the Kilties and directed to the Kiltwalk PR Manager. If in doubt, please direct the query to your team leader, who notify the PR Manager. This will ensure that the information that is provided to the media is accurate and in line with The Kiltwalk’s vision and values.

It is also important that no Kiltie should give interviews, appear in the media or any publications without prior consent from Kiltwalk. 

  1. Social Media

Kiltwalk is aware that most of the volunteers will want to share their experiences on social media and are actively encouraged to do this. It is important, however to ensure that all posts demonstrate dignity and respect towards yourself and others.

Please remember when posting on social media to:

  • Behave professionally and in a manner that reflects the charity, be positive and don’t insult anyone
  • Make your Team Leader aware of any inappropriate conduct on social media
  • Your views are your own so please don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say when speaking in public
  1. Criminal/Illegal Activity

Any Kiltie who is thought to be engaging in criminal or illegal activity will be reported directly to the police. 

  1. Drugs and Alcohol

Kiltwalk will not tolerate any Kiltie being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that might impair performance before or while on shift. Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or any other performance impairing substance before or during a Kilties shift may lead to instant dismissal ifdetected.

Kilties will be able to enjoy the festivities at the Finish Line as long as they have brought a change of clothes ton put on after their shift. 

  1. Smoking

Kilties are not permitted to smoke in their uniform in any public space where they are visible to walkers or spectators. If a volunteer witnesses any Kilties smoking in uniform in a location that is visible to walkers or spectators please report this to your Team Leader.

  1. Facilities and Properties

Kiltwalk is a charity that has limited resources and so is fully accountable for all of the resources that are given to the volunteers to use within their role. It is essential that all Kilties are efficient and economical and take care of the resources that Kiltwalk provides in order to fulfil their role. Kilties are not authorised to use Kiltwalk devices such as printers, phones, PC’s and photocopiers for personal purposes. 

  1. Fraud and Corruption

If a volunteer suspects any fraudulent or corrupt activities taking place within the Kilties programme, it is essential that these are reported to a Team Leader or a member of Kiltwalk's staff.

This type of behaviour is not in the spirit of the Kiltwalk and all reports will be treated confidentially, fully investigated and will be passed on to the police if necessary. 

  1. Gambling

Gambling is strictly prohibited during a Kilties shift. The use of Kiltwalk equipment for gambling, such as phones and computers, is also strictly prohibited. 

  1. Issue Resolution

All Kilties will be given the contact number of a Team Leader who will be their main point of contact whilst on shift and this is the initial point of contact to approach if anyone has any queries or wishes to report a concern, incident or complaint.

Kiltwalk will always endeavour to resolve any issues or complaints fairly. In the instance of a serious issue or incident (theft, assault, abuse, bring under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol), it may result in the removal of the individuals reported to being involved while the incident is fully investigated. 

  1. Gifts & Gratuities

Kiltwalk is committed to behaving ethically and so will do everything possible to counteract bribery or corruption.

Whilst upholding the role of a Kiltie it is important that if you are offered a gift (regardless of cost) other than from the Kiltwalk, it should be reported to your Team Leader or a member of Kiltwalk's staff prior to accepting the gift (please refer to Gifts and Gratuity Policy for further information). 

  1. Professional Behaviour

When selected to undertake a Kilties role, Kiltwalk expects all volunteers to behave responsibly at all times. When travelling to and from Kiltwalk's events in uniform, the volunteers are highly visible and so are representing the Kiltwalk at all times when in uniform.

It is therefore important that all volunteers act as Kiltwalk ambassadors at all times whilst in uniform, behaving in a responsible way. 

  1. Sustainability

Kiltwalk is committed to ensuring the preservation of the selected walking routes are maintained and that all rubbish and Kiltwalk waste is cleared at the end of an event and recycled accordingly. Information will be given as part of the training to ensure all resources are used efficiently as well as that everyone understands the appropriate waste management at Kiltwalk events. 

  1. Selling or Canvassing on Venue

It is important that no Kilties engage in any personal business during Kilties hours. This includes any form of ambush marketing, displaying posters, leaflets or giving out information to colleagues, walkers or spectators relating to personal views or business information.

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